Thirty-Three {an Art School dropout's life}This Wednesday I will be turning 33 years old! It has been an Art School Dropout tradition, for the past 12 years, to hold a sale the week of my birthday. Each year the discount reflects the age I will be turning.

This year it’s 33% OFF ANYTHING in either the PATTERN or PRODUCT shops! Just use the code “Jessee33“. Sale will last from right now until midnight September 2nd. So it’s actually a little over a week.

I was hoping for a shop update to accompany this, but due to illness and CT starting school, I’m going to have to wait until the weekend. So keep your eyes peeled! I DID add several custom listings for the Happy Birthday banner shown above in the Product shop though, so that’s something, haha.


Pattern Testing: Comp Book Cover Sewing Pattern by Angela Bowman Design

*Disclosure: As a sponsored pattern tester for Angela Bowman Design, I was provided a PDF pattern to make the sewing project in this post.*

compcoverAs stated above in the required disclosure, I was a pattern tester for this awesome Comp Book Cover Sewing Pattern by Angela Bowman Design. I love pattern testing, so when I saw she was looking for testers, I jumped on it. It’s a pattern for a standard sized or mini composition book cover, with numerous options when it comes to pockets and what the cover is made from. You can make a quilted cover or a non quilted. You have a few options for the closure too. Basically you can make a cover to fit your exact needs!

I was late to the testing pool, so I only had two days to try this pattern out. I finished it in 1.5 hours. It’s that awesome. I went the quilted route, but decided to use some of my cheater quilt fabric from Spoonflower to make the process go by even faster. I also only added one large pocket on each inside flap (I don’t have photos of that part yet because CT has already claimed this as her sketchbook journal cover) and I went with an elastic closure. I made it about a week and a half ago, and its already been dragged around by a very energetic five year old. It’s holding up perfectly!

The pattern was just released this week, and it’s a very reasonable $5 to download. So if you’d like to make one of your own, go check it out! You can also read Angela’s post that talks more in depth about it all here.

I myself am not done playing with this pattern, so keep an eye out for more variations…


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The Sewing Party: A Secret I Can Finally Tell…

A few months back I was contacted by the education department atΒ SVP Worldwide, the company that owns Singer,Β Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff brand sewing machines. I was presented with an opportunity to take part in a new blog and website the company was putting together under the name The Sewing Party. In exchange I was sent a new Husqvarna Viking Topaz 50 Embroidery machine and software to play with. It was a good deal in my eyes.

The Sewing Party! {an Art School Dropout's life}I of course said yes! I am already the proud owner of TWO Viking sewing machines. One was a 10 year old embroidery machine, that could only embroider up to 3.85″ square, and the other was a newer quilting model that I had purchased a couple years ago. I was also raised sewing on Viking and Singer Machines, So I’ve been a fan since birth, and I wasn’t selling out. I would be promoting a company I trusted and rely on.

Also, I just really love new technology and gadgets. haha.

Now, let’s fast forward two months to today! Today the Sewing Party went live after weeks of work on their part and the small blogging group I am part of. The website has a blog that will featureΒ tutorials, projects, and stories all about sewing. It also has a community based forum where you can ask fellow sewers whatever question you may have! It’s pretty awesome and I highly suggest a visit!!!


As part of the unveiling, a few blog post went live too! One of them was my first embroidered project on the new machine, something I am calling a Selfie Pouch! I used Viking’s 6D Premier Embroidery Software and the Topaz 50 they sent me to make this extremely photo realistic pouch featuring an IG friend of mine @_sarahsassypants_ . (I was given permission) If you would like to read the full post explaining the embroidery process AND how to easily make a zipper pouch, then click on over!

I am very happy with the way this project came out, the way the new website came together and the amazing reception it has had! I am looking forward to making more projects and sharing a few stories here and there as part of the collaboration. This is the type of stuff that I enjoy working on the most and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

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Trick or Treat Mini Quilt Swap: How to Make a Square Mosaic for Instagram

I love swaps, and I like talking about it, A LOT!

So of course when a certain friend of mine who really loves Halloween suggested I host a Halloween swap, I said “GREAT IDEA!”

#trickortreatminiquiltswap / Jessee Maloney {an Art School Dropout's life}

We called it the Trick or Treat Mini Quilt Swap, and had around 108 participants sign up in only 12 hours! Crazy, right? I had to turn off the submission form because I didn’t want to overwhelm myself the first time hosting one of these.

Something different I tried out with this swap was taking on brand new swappers! I thought everyone should have a chance to do a swap, and I didn’t mind helping everyone along.

That brings me to today’s tutorial. It’s a bit different than most of my sewing tutorials, since there isn’t any sewing involved, but I promise it’s useful!

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Half Moon Zipper Pouch Tutorial for Sizzix

halfmoonpouch_550Today on the Sizzix Blog, I share a super detailed and photo heavy tutorial on how to sew curved seams, install a zipper and assemble an entire pouch, This exact pouch! It’s chock full of skill building steps, so if you have ever been discouraged by any of those things, go check it out!

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