Pixelated Circles Quilt Pattern: Release Day!

PixelatedCirclesQuilt_release_006For the last 6 weeks I have been talking abut and working on this pattern. I have name it the Pixelated Circles Quilt, because if you add some background fabric in the circles it gives it a pixel like look.

About the Pattern:

The pattern includes four template sizes which can be assembled into four different size quilt. The quilts range from 18″ to 56″ square. The templates can also be used to make numerous other things like pouches, pillows, bags, journal covers and more.

I also designed the quilt to work with pre-cut fabric bundles or scraps. The quilt shown above uses four 5″ charm pack, which means it went together rather quickly.

There are curved seams involved, but I promise you, they aren’t as scary as they seem!

I’ve added this, and a handful of my other patterns to my new shop! I switched to shopify so that I could manage my own digital downloads and offer free PDF’s too! This means I will have more patterns soon AND I’m looking to add embroidery files to the catalog. I’m excited.

You can find it all here:


PixelatedCirclesQuilt_release_005PixelatedCirclesQuilt_release_004PixelatedCirclesQuilt_release_001A Few Sample Projects:

Since this is my first pattern to be released that isn’t a paper piecing pattern, I started a test group to make sure I didn’t miss anything. They were seriously the best group too. They helped with grammar, spelling, misplaced words, incorrect yardage, etc. They also made some of the best sample pieces and I’m so excited to share of few of them today.

Pixelated Circles Quilt - sample by @Margo_bibzThis sample was pieced and assembled by Margaret Smerd‎. She used the center block from the quilt as the centerpiece for this awesome bag! As you can see she fussy cut the the little bears and it really adds to the piece. You can see more of her work on her Instagram profile under @Margo_bibz

Pixelated Circles Quilt - sample by @stitchyscientiestThis fantastic bag was dreamed up and assembled by Angela Zolner. She took one of the full circles and a handful of quadrants and came up with the brilliant configuration. I was so happy when I saw the finished pieces because her sneak peeks didn’t give anything away. You can see more up close shots and other creations by Angela on her IG profile @stitchyscientiest

Pixelated Circles Quilt - sample by @yevonnecThis notepad cover was another super creative creation in the test pool. Yevonne Cearns came up with this design and used a bunch of half circles on the front, back and inside. She also added all that perfect hand stitching around each one. She shows off more of her stuff on her IG profile under @yevonnec.

Pixelated Circles Quilt - sample by @nerd_vikings

Well obviously I think this project is adorable with that puppy hanging out on it! (all dogs are puppies to me) This huge pillow was pieced and quilted by Deirdre Devlin and she used the center circle from the quilt. I love the colors she chose and the mix of straight and circular quilting. Deirdre posts a lot of neat quilting project on her IG profile @nerd_vikings, you should check it out.

Pixelated Circles Quilt - sample by @bjaneyI had asked a few if the testers just to try out a block, no project needed. Belinda Mollison-Sadd made the block above AND another small version in a completely different color way. You can see more shots of both on her IG @bjaney. This was Belinda’s first time sewing curves and fussy cutting fabric. I think she did a fantastic job, don’t you?! Look at those curves!

Pixelated Circles Quilt - sample by @msmelisThis block should win a prize for best use of fabric. Melissa Draper‎ made the smallest circle, which is super tiny at 6″ finished! You can only guess how small those squares are. She used all vintage fabric, including that wondering background fabric that was already adorned by yarn!! How cool is that? You can see all the other wonder things Melissa makes over on her IG @msmelis.


I still have a huge folder filled with more samples, but I want to spread them out so no ones photos get overlooked. They are seriously all just wonderful and I am beyond grateful for them all!!

Keep checking back over the next week for more quilt layout ideas, information about the pattern and more sample pieces.. Who knows, maybe I’ll figure out the editing software and have a little video too. Fingers crossed.

Before you head off though, I am offering 20% off all the patterns in the shop to celebrate the Pixelated Circles Quilt Pattern AND my 34th birthday!!! Just use the code PCQ20 at checkout. Coupon code expires Friday, Sept. 2nd at midnight EST.




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The Field Study Tote with Sprout Patterns

The Field Study Tote with Sprout Patterns by Jessee Maloney {an Art School Dropout's life}I have teamed up with Sprout Patterns again, but this time I’m showing off a pattern by the talented pattern writer Betz White.

Betz has reached out and asked a couple designers to add their personality to a few of her patterns. In exchange for doing this blog post, I received a fully printed panel of my own designs printed on Eco Canvas through Sprout Patterns.

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Ring of Coffins Pattern: Tips and Tricks Part One

Ring of Coffins Pattern: Tips and Tricks Part One {an Art School Dropout's life} EPP English Paper Piecing Foundation Paper Piecing Halloween Quilt

A few weeks back Sylvia of Flying Parrot Quilts contacted me with her idea to do a quilt along for a quilt she made using a mash up of a bunch of Halloween themed patterns. She calls it the Epic Halloween Quilt. You can see a photo of it here.

Each week she talks about a different pattern, either free or paid, that fits in the quilt. Like a puzzle piece.

This week is my Ring of Coffins pattern with Heidi Kenney’s Occupied Coffin add on (that’s included)

For anyone out there that hasn’t worked with English Paper Piecing / EPP, where it needs to be basted straight, I’m here to help! Just Keep Reading…

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Quilt Pattern Testers Needed!


It’s that time again! I am in search of pattern testers for upcoming quilt designs. This time around though I have a proper schedule and will hopefully be releasing a new pattern every 6-8 weeks.

The first group is not needed until mid to late July and the finished quilt or block would not be expected until mid August. Then all other patterns will follow with a similar schedule.

To keep everything organized this time around I will be using a Facebook Private Group to pick and choose who will test what, and then Facebook Secret Groups for each individual pattern.

I will need 8 to 10 testers per pattern, at least 2 each of the following:

  • beginner
  • intermediate 
  • advanced

I design my patterns for solid fabrics mostly, but I always love seeing them in print too.

There are many techniques involved in each quilt too. Most will include one to three of the following:

  • English paper piecing / epp
  • foundation paper piecing
  • curved piecing
  • foundation paper piecing curves
  • Y seams
  • large format templates
  • and more!

If you are interested I have more info and outlined most of my rules in the group, which can be found here.

A Teacher’s Gift & My Second Mini Mini Quilt


I made the above pouch as part of CT’s teacher gift this year. I also included an Amazon gift card and a note telling her just how much we loved her! We really did too. She was the best teacher we could possibly hope for as CT’s first.

I really hope next year is just as pleasant. I guess only time will tell.

MiniMiniQuilt_HST_001I had a few leftover half square triangles from the above pouch, so I cut them down to 1″ each and quickly pieced together another Mini Mini Quilt as part of Make Modern Magazine’s contest (that I talked about in the last post)

This thing measures only 2.5″ square and I hand quilted the entire piece. I needed the practice as you can see.

I have a lot more on my plate now, than I did a week ago, so this will be the last Mini Mini Quilt for a little while. Keep checking back though, I have a lot of other stuff up my sleeve these days!

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