A Stenciled Dress for the Holidays (or Everyday) for Silhouette America

dress008_square550Last week I shared an adorable dress on the Silhouette blog that I made CT. I used their free shape of the day as part of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.

It was a cute tree that had a slight Scandinavian look to it. I can only picture it in white for some reason, but I bet it could be used in many ways. I painted a border of them on the bottom of a dress I made using their stencil vinyl.

The dress is made using Made By Rae’s Geranium Dress pattern and the fabric is Andover Fabric’s chambray in black.

dress006_550I am so in love with this dress and I want to make so many more! The pattern has 3 options for sleeves, 2 options for the skirt (pleated or gathered), 3 neckline options AND an optional pocket! Plus you can make it as a dress OR a top. Seriously, SO MANY OPTIONS. Plus it went together in just two hours on my first try and the instructions were so easy. It fit her really well too! I can see CT’s closest packed full of these within a year, you guys will be so sick of seeing them, maybe…

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