Adventures in Casting: Home Decor

HSH_banner_WIPIve had this idea in my head lately to try and make more pieces for the home, instead of the body. It might have something to do with cabin fever or the fact that I always feel like changing things up a bit in winter, but whatever the reason, I’m excited.

The first piece I’ve tested out is shown above. They are hand cast plastic “Home Sweet Home” banners. Hopefully the first in a series I’ve been dreaming up. I want a full range of colors before I add them to the shop, so it might be a week or two before I get proper photos.

What are your thoughts? Any colors I NEED to make?

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4 thoughts on “Adventures in Casting: Home Decor

  1. I really love these. I am planning on purchasing one once you add them to the shop, but I can’t decide what color I would like most. It’s so hard to pick a favorite when all of them are so pretty! I’m leaning towards a mustard yellow one at this point.

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