Adventures In Hanging Plates

Awhile back I commented on the fact that I was going to be painting my dining room very soon. I had painted the swatches on the wall, chose the perfect color, bought the paint and all the other supplies. I was ready, but then the holidays came, then my Fab sale, and a bunch of other little things.

I had mentioned to my brother in law, Trey, that I really wanted it painted and that I would totally pay him to do it when he had free time, since I didn’t have any myself. His response…

“Sweetie, I’ll come over tomorrow night and do it!” and HE DID! It took two nights and a second trip to Sherwin Williams, but in the end it looks AWESOME!

I LOVE the color! and I think it really makes the room feel more special and unique.

Before we painted I had a bunch of stuff on the walls… a huge Batman print, a few shelves for my Dunnys, a mirror and bunch of plates. I think the only traditional thing in this room was the wall of plates. I couldn’t wait to put them back up on a new, much darker, wall.

Since I decided to paint this room, months ago, I had accumulated a few more plates in my collection. A couple I picked up at thrift shops and major retailer, and a few my grandmother gave me. Those are all on the right side of the table above. They were all from her very own plate collection! How neat is that? apparently plate walls run in my family. ha. Anyway, since I had new pieces I couldn’t just put them all up the way they were! My plan of attack was to arrange them on the table until I found an arrangement I liked.

That didn’t work, so instead I chose my favorite plate (the white one with the black branches and bird) and placed it in the middle of the wall. I then just chose a random plate here and there, making sure not to have colors too similar next to each other, and hung them up. As you can sorta see from above, I changed my mind every so often. Like with the periwinkle colored plate. It moved all over the place. I ended up having the wrong plate hanger size for a few, which I plan to buy very soon, but for now it is DONE!

It’s one of my favorite walls in the house. I love that it combines new and old, and plastic and glass. Each plate shows a little of my personality and life! Like the plate CT painted during her first vacation last year, or the plate from the set we got as a wedding gift, or the plate we ate off of all the time in our first apartment!

I hope to keep adding more pieces, which I plan to share with you guys along the way.


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4 thoughts on “Adventures In Hanging Plates

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    • Hi!
      The paint is Special Gray by Sherwin Williams. I prefer their HGTV paint bc its low VOC and only takes two coats (one would be fine, but two corrects any missed spots) its awesome paint! Plus it goes 30%-40% off at least once a month

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