#AnimalDoodleADay – the Second Set

So I’m back to share another set of the #animaldoodleaday challenge that I have been trying out on Instagram! (you can read more about it in last weeks post)

animaldoodleaday_week2_001 animaldoodleaday_week2_002 animaldoodleaday_week2_003 animaldoodleaday_week2_004 animaldoodleaday_week2_005 animaldoodleaday_week2_006I have a few projects coming up using some of these little drawings! I will obviously share them. I also had someone suggest a coloring book, which sounds pretty neat to me, so i may try that out too. All I know is I love drawing again, and that’s all that matters. Who cares if its good or bad!


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2 thoughts on “#AnimalDoodleADay – the Second Set

  1. These are fantastic but the whales are my favorite by far! Especially the narwhal, he’s amazing!

    A coloring book would be great! I can’t wait to see more.

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