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Chevron_banner_001A few months ago I was browsing Instagram, like I do way too much, and I came across this awesome work in progress by Elizabeth of (her IG username is @elizabethhagh ) It was just a small part of a Missoni inspired piece she had started a year or so before, but it looked great as is. I pressed like and went on my way!

The design seriously haunted me for months. I felt like I HAD to make it. It NEEDED to be a banner on my wall. I drew a paper pieced pattern of it into my sketchbook and put it aside for my upcoming “winter sewing months”.

Side Note: Apparently I prefer sewing in the winter, and knowing this has made my whole work schedule easier to handle. Sewing in the winter, jewelry & casting in the summer. It’s been working perfectly and I cast so much during the summer that I can continuously add to the shop all winter long!

So now back to the banner…

Two weeks ago I finally sat down at my computer and digitized the pattern i’d sketched up. It was a little big, but I didn’t mind taping together the paper. I went around searching for fabrics that complimented my house and then sat down to piece it all together. It took me about two hours total and I was so excited to hang it up!!!

Chevron_banner_002I just happened to have a nice blank spot in the library! I added some striped bakers twine and glued a little geometric piece to the screw holding it up. I love it!!

I figured someone else may want to make one of these for their wall too, so I put together my simple paper pieced pattern as a FREE PDF. You will need a basic knowledge of paper piecing to make this btw. If you are comfortable with sewing but don’t know this technique yet, I suggest searching for some videos on YouTube, that’s how I taught myself. Fresh Lemons Quilts blog also has a great tutorial if you’re not into watching videos


If you do make a banner, I’d love to see it. Just send me a message!



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