Displaying My Collections: Vinyl Toys

As I’ve said before, I’m a collector, of many things. Books, Cameras, Band T shirts, Show Flyers, Bird Figurines, etc etc… It all takes up a lot of space, but I just can’t part with anything, yet.

One of my larger collections is designer vinyl toys. I received a new one this week, So I decided to show how I display them.

In previous houses and apartments I’d just stick them all up on a few bookshelves and call it a day. As you can see below, It was a bit overwhelming.

(this photo is about 4 years old)

Some days I loved looking over and seeing everything so bright and colorful, other days I just cringed.

When we moved into our first real home last year, I vowed to keep my collections under control. For my sake and for CT’s. I decided to divide them up into different rooms and even pack some away until I knew what to do with them.

My first project was all my Be@rbricks, Dunny’s and Qee’s. I had the most of them and they were all kinda small. Plus my Dunny collection had just quadrupled thanks to a very kind hand-me-down from a friend, so they needed the most help.

I looked everywhere for nice little shelves or risers to put them on. They all just reminded me of my previous toy mess. In the end I decided to use shadow box frames. I even found ones at a few of my local craft shops that fit all three toy sizes perfectly! I bought them slowly so I could use one of the many 40% or 50% coupons sent out. So it never really cost me too much.

I apologize for the crappy photo. It’s been very dreary here lately, plus this set up is in a stairwell with no windows! Anyway, as you can see it’s a lot less crazy looking and basically turned my toy collection into art. Plus I have enough room for 6 more frames! I actually plan on buying two more soon, since I found some missing Be@rbricks and Qee’s that need a home.

Oh and this is the new Holiday themed Dunny I received in the mall this week! The one that sparked this post. Isn’t he cute? Ha!

I’ll be adding him to a frame tonight, maybe I’ll take pictures of the very easy process.

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