House Tour: A Peek at the Kitchenette

I know I haven’t really shared much of my house lately. Probably because it’s in a constant state of change lately. I can’t seem to make up my mind about certain things. Plus I’m all about the idea of slow decorating, where you are super picky about what you bring in the house and don’t rush to get it done all at once. It’s a very budget friendly way or doing things actually, because you can find vintage things or items on sale!

This slow way of decorating has made our kitchenette feel super unfinished and plain. Well, plain compared to the rest of the house. The walls are painted, the frames are hung, there’s even a bunch of furniture, but it still feels super unfinished! I’m not super fond of the rug and plan on replacing it with this rug whenever we can get to an Ikea. I also have this lamp (in wood) that needs to be hung (and a new switch, lots of wiring). Maybe the thought of these “missing pieces” makes me feel this way?

I hope that once I feel this room is presentable I can share more than just the walls (and a Hello Kitty inĀ disguise)!!

Oh and on a kinda side note, what would YOU call the room in between the kitchen and the living room where you eat? Is it called a kitchenette? or is it called something else? I just assumed that’s what it was called.

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3 thoughts on “House Tour: A Peek at the Kitchenette

    • I bought the print from the Sampler YEARS ago, but I asked around and found out it is by Jaime Zollars. It believe it was commissioned specifically for the Sampler and it was printed by Alison of Wonderland Q (I may be wrong on the commissioned part). I did see the design used again on Jaime’s blog for a birthday card!!

      Hope that helps a bit!! I understand loving it, It’s one of my favorite pieces that I own! Right under my Jordan Crane triptych of course (the only art I’d grab if my house was on fire and CT was already out).

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