If I Had Unlimited Funds: Big Bags

It was until I started working on this post did I realize I have a “type” when it comes to bags! I didn’t even know it until I saw all the bags I liked together on one screen. It was crazy to me. I always thought I had a wide range of taste in bags. Then I looked over at my favorite purse, and realized it too falls into this “type” (It’s a forest green Fossil satchel). Ha.

Anyway, If I had unlimited funds to buy any and all the bags I like, I’d buy…

1 & 2Organic Cotton Weekend Bag by Jenna Rose Handmade (These bags are all so nice! I’m seriously trying to figure out which one would work for me. I think they’d be great to carry my camera and a few other odds and ends!)

3Garrison Bag by Winter Session (I really love the size and shape of this bag! Plus it has a longer shoulder strap, which is super useful when chasing a toddler)

4Unisex Canvas Backpack  /// 5UniSex Olive Green Canvas Messenger both bags are by Bagy Bags (These look like super useful bags! The one on the left especially. I’ve been thinking a backpack type bag may actually work really for me. I like wearing backpacks actually)

6ZIP TOTE – rain/waxed by bookhou (I have loved their bags since the first time I saw one! They are awesome!! Simple but interesting at the same time. Plus it looks like this one could hold my camera too!)

7NO 2 Backpack in Tobacco by Ada Black Jack (seriously, another super useful looking bag!! When I get the funds to actually buy a new bag, I’m going to have serious issues picking just one!) /// 8Screen Printed Tote Bag – Broken Arrows by Slide Sideways (This bag is just too cute! Look at all those little arrows!! and it looks like a great size for a camera too!)

As you may be able to tell, I’m in need of a bag that I can use as my everyday purse, but also use to hold my camera in it’s case. I really want to take more pictures out and about, but my camera is just so bulky, and my purses are just so small. It’s not a good mix. I’m hoping to get together some funds and pick out one or two of these bags (which is going to be hard), or maybe even one I don’t know about yet!! Any other suggestions?

Oh and friendly reminder! make sure to check out Monday’s post where you can win a Blue Garden necklace, just by telling me your favorite color combo!

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4 thoughts on “If I Had Unlimited Funds: Big Bags

  1. So awesome!
    I love your theme – ‘unlimited fund’ :)
    Thanks for including my bag and your love for handmade works!

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