I’m Dreaming of Dresses and Fabric…

dream_dresses_001I have been sewing up a storm lately. I have made my very first, second and third dress, and they all fit perfectly. Thats a first for me. (I’ll share actual photos of said dresses once the weather is a bit less unruly). I have also made a bunch of new bags, pouches, pillows and even new embroidered necklaces. I love sewing again.

Out of everything I’ve sewn, those three dresses were my favorite. I want an entire closet full. One in every colorway or pattern I can find. I’m finding a few fabrics I like here and there, but nothing is really catching my eye and making me think “PERFECT!” I keep doodling in my sketchbooks, but again, nothing was just right yet.

Well last night that changed. Instead of going right to bed, I decided to do a little bit of sketching. I’m so happy I did. I drew about a dozen new dress ideas (a few shown above) and a bunch of new repeat patterns for fabric (shown below).

newfabric_72813_001 newfabric_72813_002 newfabric_72813_003

I’m excited! I’ve already ordered swatches of all the fabrics designs above plus some that include actual color. I’m thinking they will work well for dresses AND some pillows or small quilt. The repeats are actually rather large. Oh and I’ve started researching sergers so I can try my hand at one of those cardigans I drew up!!! I’m no fashion expert, at all, but I really do love the idea of making my own clothes. Who knows maybe one day I can make some for others too!!



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5 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of Dresses and Fabric…

  1. These look great! The only thing I would caution is that I’ve seen some fading from black spoonflower prints, so pre-wash and maybe go with the gray or other colors if that’ll bother you a lot.

    • Thank you! And I know the black will fade, but I kinda like the way it does that.

      It does make it harder to match non spoonflower solids, which makes it hard to sew up dresses with plain black on the top and patterned spoonflower black on the bottom. After one wash, even on cold, they don’t match. So no matter what I would need to do a full 3 yards, no skimping.

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