I’m Keeping Myself Busy…

I woke up this past Sunday morning with the plan to spend an entire week working on “me projects”. aka: sewing or crafting projects that only benefit me and no one else but ME.

I wanted to work on a zig zag quilt that I’ve been dreaming about for weeks. I wanted to play with some clay and maybe make some tree’s. I wanted to make a skirt. A huge list when you also factor in that CT’s second set of molar’s are coming in and she’s in her clingy stage. I’d be lucky to finish one project.

By Monday I finished cutting out and sewing the blocks of the zig zag quilt, and sketching how to put it together. I’m good at laying out patterns, but I’m not that great at putting it in piles and remembering how it all goes together. I need a visual aid.

I also like working with squares way more than triangles. So I was super excited when I found this great tutorial on Pinterest“How To Make a Zig Zag Quilt (without piecing triangles)“. It makes a decent sized quilt. It took up all the free floor space in my bedroom to lay this thing out.

I was beyond excited to start piecing this thing together, it was going to be awesome when it was done! My very own chevron quilt!!!!

Well… Tuesday rolls around and I get this awesome email about a huge opportunity for Art School Dropout. Great News… I just had to put all my “me projects” away for awhile. 2 months to be exact.

So I piled up all the squares of the zig zag quilt and put them in baggies and pinned them to my inspiration board. I’m hoping it’ll inspire me to finish them when I’m done actually working.

Wednesday and Thursday were crazy with spreadsheets, supply shopping, researching and trying to find some family to watch CT every so often (so I could work while my husband was at work).

I’m about to spend the next 3 to 4 weeks casting and assembling loads of pieces. I decided that today (Friday) I would sew a little bit more before I didn’t have actual time to do so.

What came out of the sewing was a few more pouches for the site. They may be the last ones for a few months, unless I find time here and there.

I also apologize for the fact that I probably won’t have too many tutorials or DIY-Book-A-Holic posts until I’m finished this massive order. But I will post progress shots here and there, you all can finally see what goes on behind the scenes in my “casting dungeon”. HA!

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