Macaron Party!

The past few weeks have been filled with cleaning, unpacking (finally) and painting. All were in preparation for finally having friends over! Woohoo!!!

I’ve been taking macarons to the past few crafternoons Heidi has been hosting. During the first one it was suggested I have a get together and teach everyone how to make them. I kept stalling when it came to picking a date, but finally after some nudging from different directions I picked Saturday, June 23rd!
I invited all of the awesome girls I’ve been meeting at the crafternoons, plus everyone else I’ve known for a bit.
I’ve never hosted anything but family get togethers, so this whole concept was new to me. What do you serve? What kind of drinks? Etc etc? JC helped with picking out fruits, cheeses and crackers since I had no idea. All I could think of was the sweets.

Everyone I invited showed up, which was awesome!!

We talked and joked for so long that we didnt leave much time for the actual macaron baking. So I just set up my mixer on my island and everyone stood around while I instructed… Which was super awkward to do!!! Haha. I felt like I was being filmed for a cooking show!


The plan was for everyone to bring different flavors and fillings and we would choose a bunch to make. We ended up making one batch, that was split in half. So two flavors. The first were raspberry flavored with lemon curd filling, and the other was pumpkin spice with a chai buttercream filling. Both came out looking good and tasting great!!


Oh and since macarons only require the egg whites, I had a bunch of egg yolks left over. So I tried my hand at creme brûlée!! I just found a basic recipe on They weren’t 100% perfect, a teeny bit gooey in the middle and burnt on the top!! But they tasted right. Ha. I think they should have refrigerated a bit longer to set, bc the ones we had later that night with family were perfect!!


I don’t know when I’ll have another party, but I hope it’s soon. I really loved having everyone over!! It kept a smile on my face all weekend.

EDIT: you can read a little more about this get together over on Heidi’s and then Katie’s blogs!

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