March Crafternoon

Above it the one and only good (enough) photo I took this month at Heidi’s crafternoon! I even brought my camera, but forgot about it once all the festivities began. I seriously am way too absent minded these days.

This months crafternoon was all about Easter. There were adorable Easter decorations everywhere, plus awesome awesome colorful sweets to eat. If you need a visual, Heidi did a post about it yesterday with some great photos! The craft this time around was dying Easter eggs, something I haven’t done in years! I didn’t know we were supposed to bring eggs (absent minded, again!) so I “borrowed” some of Katie’s home grown eggs!! (thank you again Katie!) They were sooo small and cute! Plus they were all different natural colors. I felt they needed to be super simple and modern for some then layering the different tones. I loved the way they came out! I now feel like this might be the year we start dying eggs at home too, I think CT would love it.

The past couple of crafternoon’s there has been a white elephant gift exchange, which has been super awesome! We can bring anything handmade, thrifted or just bought that is around $10. I usually leave with something food related, and have been happy every time. Plus I get to make something that is for an unknown recipient, I really like that. It forces me to think outside my normal making box.

This time around Heidi tried something different. Instead of the normal gift, we were to bring Easter baskets filled with whatever we wanted. I actually struggled with this a bit at first, apparently I thrive on limits and rules when it comes to blind gift giving, but in the end I decided to do mostly handmade items.

I didn’t do a traditional basket, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to fill it. So instead I did a little bucket. I added some candy, a cast plastic brooch, hairpin, and a ring. I also made a little clay Pyrex brooch (please don’t mind the painting, I haven’t even held a teeny paint brush in almost 8 years) and a set of Pyrex themed pot holders. I hoped the handmade nature of it all would make up the baskets lack of size! Ha.

The recipient who ended up with my “basket” really seemed to like it, which always makes me happy! The basket I got was also really sweet! It contained a bunch of candy (that CT has been getting at), adorable egg ornaments, a little wooden puzzle, sunflower growing kit and some Biggs and Featherbelle soap (which was the main factor in my choosing that particular basket, I LOVE their products!). I seriously made out in this deal.

As always I really enjoyed my day and can’t wait for the next one! I’m already thinking of what I’ll bake and what I might make as my gift. Thank you again everywhere, especially Heidi!

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4 thoughts on “March Crafternoon

    • I don’t know how I missed this comment!! I’d love to make you a set! I won’t be sewing again for a few weeks (since Im casting right now, and fabric and plastic chemicals dont go well together, ha!) but I can email you when I do!!!

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