My Hexagon Stocking Project For Silhouette America PLUS a Blog Hop Giveaway!

My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}To jump start the holiday season and to celebrate all things handmade, the Silhouette Design team is having an awesome Blog Hop! We each made a project using our favorite Silhouette product and are also giving it away (all the information is at the bottom of the post). How awesome is that?!?

My favorite product is the Silhouette brand Sewable Fabric Interfacing. I use it in every fabric project I make for their blog, plus a load of personal projects for myself. It’s a great time saver that adds a special personal touch to your sewing projects. I use it to personalize quilted pieces or cut super intricate designs. It’s also great for kids clothes and any type of sewn gift.

My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life} My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}I chose a personalized stocking as the project to showcase the Sewable Interfacing because it’s been on my to do list for YEARS! I started three, one for each of us, but was only able to finish the one shown due to my sewing machine malfunctioning. I’m hoping to share the other two, that my family helped design, later in the month.

I wanted to show each of our very different personalities in a quilted sock form. Mine shows my love for shapes, polka dots, fabric with writing on it and the color gray. The Honeycomb Background design file would have taken forever to cut by hand, but with my Silhouette CAMEO it only took a few minutes.

My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}I also love how it looks super complicated, but was super easy to put together!

I used the Stocking design file and enlarged it as big I could to fit on the 12″x24″ cutting mat. I cut just the basic stocking shape out of card stock. I then opened the Honeycomb Background file and tilted it slightly so the edge near the toe made it look like a sock with those different colored toe tips. I clicked on “Release Compound Path” so all of the honeycomb lines were separated. I deleted a few hexagons here and there so some would be solid. I used some awesome rainbow speckled denim and I wanted to showcase it here and there.

Once I was happy with the file, I grouped it back together. I prepped and cut it as a I usually do (my full tutorial on the Silhouette blog can be found here) and ironed it onto my already cut out stocking. I also cut out a basic stocking piece for the back. I then spray basted both pieces to separate cotton batting and quilted them up like I would any quilt. I cut the lining out of the cute black and gray polka dotted fabric and sewed all of them together, just like you would a zipper pouch!

After everything was sewn and turned inside out, I folded down the top cuff and added my name using the Lovely Day Font (found in the Silhouette Design Store) and some solid gray fabric to finish it off.

It took me about two hours total to finish this one stocking. Not Bad, right?!!

My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}

Now onto the GIVEAWAY!

On Silhouette’s behalf, I will be giving away one pack of Silhouette Brand Sewable Interfacing and one Fabric Blade. To enter you NEED to follow Silhouette America and myself on Instagram. To earn additional entries you can follow me on Bloglovin and/or leave a comment letting me know what kind of projects you’d like to see on here in 2015!

Rules, Guidelines & Disclaimers:

This giveaway is being hosted by me, Jessee M / Art School Dropout, as part of the Silhouette Design Team Blog Hop. There will be only one winner chosen by Rafflecopter. This giveaway is open to US/Canada Residents, 18 & older.  Void where prohibited. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Prizes will be fulfilled by Silhouette America. Winner cannot have won another Silhouette America giveaway in the past 90 days. Winners should expect their prize to arrive within 4-6 weeks. Only one entry per reader, period. Only the first comment posted will be counted. Giveaway starts at midnight December 1st, 2014 and will end at 11:59PM (EST) December 5th, 2014. Whew, I think that’s it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck to everyone who enters. Please head on over to Guiseppa Gubler’s blog to find out what she’s giving away. Then from there hop on over to the next one and the next. If all works out you should finish up right back here where you started. If you’d like to start at the begging then go check out the Blog Hop Giveaway post on the Silhouette America Blog.


Here’s a list of ALL of the Silhouette Design Team Blog Hop Posts in case you think you may have missed one!…

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134 thoughts on “My Hexagon Stocking Project For Silhouette America PLUS a Blog Hop Giveaway!

  1. This is gorgeous Jessee…it actually looks a little science-y to me so I love it! The background fabric looks very lab notebook and the hexagons remind me of chemical structures…I wish I could sew better and make one too!

  2. Love this stocking, Jessee! I love all your fabric projects, actually. :) If I ever take up sewing or learn to quilt, it will be because of you.

    • Thank you!! Also, that is so sweet of you! If you ever need help, please let me know. I think sewing is one of those super useful skills that everyone should learn at some point.

  3. I love your stocking! It’s really cool. Sewing projects combined with the Silhouette are always nice tutorials to see. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  4. gorgeous! Very unique! Love the style!! Would love to see more of fabric projects, maybe something outta you comfort range! I personally love a challenge! Thanks for the chance to win~

  5. I would like to see a beginner’s guide o some of the specialty materials for the Cameo… I am only cutting card stock now – sad, I know, and I need to make small steps on the road to vinyl, fabric, and more.

  6. I’m in awe of your projects every.single.time. Seriously! I used to sew a ton and then I stopped because I didn’t have the time or space. Whenever I see your projects I feel the need to put on my sewing “training wheels” so I can be super comfortable with it again. Your stocking is incredible and I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

    • Thank you so much! You should totally start sewing again. I grew up making everything, it’s how we were raised. Then when I started Art School Dropout 11 years ago, sewing was put on the back burner. I didn’t start getting back into until about two years ago, and now I’m making sure to keep practicing and honing my skills because I’m so much happier sewing than I ever was making jewelry.

  7. I’m new to your blog, thanks to the Silhouette blog hop! I’m excited to see all of your projects in 2015 since they’ll all be new to me!

  8. I’m new here so it’s difficult to say what I’d want to see more of! I’m loving all the fabric projects I saw while browsing around. I never would have thought to use this Studio file the way you did!

  9. First time visitor to your blog. Found it during the Silhouette blog hop. Not sure what I’d like to see posted on your blog next year. I’ve not ever cut fabric using my Silhouette so. I was very interested in you post. I think I may just have to give it a try. Thank you for sharing.

    • Well Hello and Welcome! You should totally try out a fabric project! Maybe start with something small, like coasters? or an ornament? I’m all about the term “practice makes perfect” It’s my daily mantra actually.

  10. I’m afraid I don’t know how to sew. Every time I try, the thread gets all messed up or I lose it in the bobbin, etc.,.etc., etc. I’d like to see projects that can be sewed or glued (?). OK, don’t laugh too hard :)
    I just wanted to mention something about the giveaway. So far, except for yours, 2 out of 3 of the giveaway entries have been for Instagram. I cannot join Instagram as I do not have a smart phone (believe me, I have tried). So I can only get 1 entry per giveaway (except yours I got 2). I am continuing on the bloghop to get some of the wonderful ideas you bloggers are sharing. Thanks for that! :)

  11. I love cutting fabric on the silhouette, so much easier than I thought. I have to say I really love your batman potholder on instagram:)

  12. Jessee – you are constantly amazing me with your creativity and the way you think out of the box. Love how you created a look of the hexagons with the overlay. So great.

  13. As a fellow nerd I love this stocking!!! Did you create the graph paper print too?!
    I’d love to see lots of projects for kids in the coming year!

  14. Silhouette is new to me and I’m soo excited to try this product. Usually I hand cut everything on the back of heat n bond – it takes FOREVER! I’m going to go back and look at all your projects. I’m ready to be inspired ;)

  15. I’ve never tried a sewing project with my Silhouette, but I would love to see more projects like this to inspire me to try one.

  16. I am new to this blog. But I love your project. I am not very good at sewing, but this project makes me want to try. I would love to see scrapbooking ideas and tutorials.
    I will keep an eye on the blog for sure!

  17. I’d like to see tutorials on the absolute basics of using the silhouette. I struggle to find answers to what I know are the most basic questions.

  18. This is AMAZING!! I’d love to see more projects like this. I’m still a sewing novice, but projects like this inspire me so much!!

  19. What a great looking stocking! It’s nice to see that it could be fairly easy to make stockings very specific to everyone’s personalities. With 3 little kids, I would love to see some simple sewing/Silhouette projects for kids clothes and toys.

  20. since I’ll getting a silhouette cameo for “Christmas” I’d love to see more tutorials on the cameo. I plan on using it on material a lot.

  21. This stocking is fantastic! I’m always so inspired to try my patterns in a different way after seeing someone else’s idea. I would never have thought to use the hexagon overlay in this way but it looks amazing! Now I have to try….

  22. I can’t even request any projects, I have no original ideas. But I love what you do. Your projects are so great. I love your geometric coasters and your stocking is amazing!

  23. I love projects that I can make for all of the teachers, therapists, aids, etc in my son’s life. I like to do things for these wonderful people, but he has about 15 so it can get expensive.

    • I have a super large family, and do handmade gifts, so I totally get it. Most of my projects use scraps or small amounts of projects so they are very inexpensive compared to buying gifts. Plus you get to personalize everything!

  24. My son (2) LOVES this “soccer ball” stocking. He’s expecting me to make him one now! Love the work that you do Jessee. Always so beautifully constructed.

  25. I am so enjoying the blog hop and all of the projects you gals are featuring. I do check the Silhouette blog each day but some of these projects seem a little more in-depth and I like that. It is giving me all sorts of ideas on how to use the Silhouette products I’ve purchased but haven’t tried yet. Cutting fabric is one of those. I am making custom Chistmas stockings for my family members this year and each one includes a pieced quilt block. I am planning on using the Silhouette to cut out names for the top of each. It will be my first fabric project with the Silhouette so I will read some of your tutorials first. I would definitely like to see some fun quilt blocks as projects this comiing year. Thanks for sharing!

  26. New to your blog, but that quilted Batman is so much fun! And this stocking! I haven’t done any fabric work with the Cameo, so I’d be interested in seeing more of that.

  27. I am new to your blog. I am so glad I found it. I love your hexagon stocking idea. I can’t wait to look over your creative ideas. I do have to say, I love the pictures of you with purple hair.

  28. I love the stocking! I’d love to see more project like that – where you combine silhouette shapes with your quilting projects. I’d love to get into doing that!

  29. Wow! Your lines are so straight! I am working on becoming better at sewing. This would be so fun to try! I would never have thought to use the honeycomb shape for that, very creative.

    • I cheat with the lines! I use my rotary ruler and mark my first line with masking tape. Then I sew right next to it, rip the tape off and use the edge of my wide presser foot as a guide to continue the lines. If I need to do wide lines, I mark each one with masking tape, washi tape or scotch tape. It takes a teeny bit longer, but the results are worth it. :)

  30. Such an awesome project! I’d love to see more giveaways & more projects! Everything I’ve seen you make is incredible! Such talent! :) Thanks for all the great ideas!

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