I Joined a Makerspace…


As the title says, I joined a makerspace. Specifically the Makersmiths in Leesburg, VA.

It’s been my dream to own a laser cutter and 3D printer all my own, but the universe (and my neighborhood HOA) has other ideas. So I found a place where I can use both pieces of equipment and more.


I have been spending every Tuesday, Thursday and sometimes other nights at the space learning and experimenting. I have never been happier.

I grew up surrounded by wood shops and metal shops.

My grandfather owns a HVAC company with its own CNC machine that makes the ducts. I was fascinated with it from first sight. I worked for him when I was a teenager in the office and I would sometimes head out back to watch the machines.

My mom always had a wood shop in every house we lived in. Sometimes in the garage, sometimes the shed out back and mostly in the basement. She would make super cute decorations that she sold at craft shows. I almost always helped in someway or another.

I also spent a lot of time at my grandmothers house where I was taught to use a scroll saw and sander. She is also the person who taught me how to sew, which i will forever be grateful for.

I continued adding to my childhood skills by taking mechanical and architectural drawing in school, as well as woodworking almost every year.

I just love creating with my hands.

makerspace013 makerspace014

So when I found this space that had every piece of equipment I was comfortable with and more, I had to join. I took every training needed to be able to use the laser cutter and 3D printer right away, and I am currently taking CAD classes to up my 3D printing skills.

It is taking away from my time behind the sewing machine, but it’s adding to my happiness which is what truly matters most. Plus I have always been good at mixing mediums…

makerspace011 makerspace012 makerspace007 makerspace006 makerspace005 makerspace002 makerspace001 makerspace008 makerspace009 makerspace010

As you can see above, I’ve already started!

You can follow along with my new journey here and over on InstaGram.

Diamond Burst Quilt for Andover Fabrics & Lizzy House

andover_diamondbrust_001 I have been working on a new pattern behind the scenes for a month or two now. I’m calling it the Diamond Burst Quilt and it should be coming out next month. My testers are testing it as I type this!

I decided to test the waters to see how people liked it by making a mini quilt using Lizzy House’s new Printmaking line for Andover fabrics. They sent me the fabric as part of their QuiltCon 2017 booth, so it all worked out perfectly.

It will be sold as a mini quilt pattern, but I will be including diagrams and more to show how to make a twin, full, queen and more. I seriously can not wait until to show my sample quilt! It’s epic, and I don’t use that word often.

andover_diamondbrust_002Just keep an eye out here for the exact release date.

In other news, the Pixelated Circles Quilt is being printed right now and hard copies will be available after May 8th. I will also be selling acrylic cutting templates for each size individually, or as a pack of four. All preorders can be found in my shop!


Modern Triangle Quilts Blog Tour

Modern Triangles Blog Tour | Rebecca Bryan {an Art School Dropout's life}Today is the first, non author, stop on Rebecca Bryan’s Modern Triangle Quilts book blog tour! That’s a lot of pressure by the way, having the post right after the author’s post.

I have a block or two to share from the book, along with all the information to enter the Well Wishes Charity Bee Quilt raffle AND I’m giving away a copy of the book. This is a jam-packed blog post, so make sure you read to the end! Continue reading

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