Sculpey vs. Play-Doh

I’ve decided to take this week as a calm week. A week where the only deadlines I have are shipping orders and making lunch! I figured I’d work on some projects that I’ve been meaning to do. Monday I started cleaning my workroom (I hope to have photos once I’m done), and yesterday CT and I sculpted.

I’ve been itching to make some resin figures to paint. It’s been on my to do list for years. Finally a few months ago I decided that I need to stop saying I’m going to do it, and just do it!! My plans got put to the side quite a few times, but yesterday I finally sat down and sculpted. I’m not 100% excited about what I made, but it’s a good start. I finished an entire figure, a little rag doll looking figure to be exact. I’m planning on sanding and sealing the figure today and HOPEFULLY make a mold and a test cast by Friday. Plans always change, but I really hope I can keep to these!!

Usually when I do anything work related CT doesn’t care. Today was different, she was super interested. So I set up a little work area for her to play at too. She never really liked Play-Doh, it always grossed her out. I figured she might go for it this time because I was doing something similar.

She LOVED it!! She actually spent FOUR HOURS playing with one little tub of Play-Doh. Purple to be exact. We only have one color since she never showed interest. She has never, ever, sat for that long to play with anything!! I got a lot finished and she perfected the art of making Play-Doh caterpillars and mustaches. You can even see one of her mustache creations below.

We went by Target last night and picked up a few more colors plus some little Play-Doh ”tools”. CT was really excited when she went to bed last night because her plans for today are to play with PINK, not purple. haha. I wish I could have days where that’s the only thing I need to do!!

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