Searching For The Perfect Dress…

… A Tardis dress to be exact! I decided that for the first time in 17 years, I am going to wear a costume for Halloween (and any other event that involves a costume, that we may or may not be going to). I would really love to make one if possible, because all of the commercial costumes I’m finding are a bit too little for me. Too little fabric to be exact. I’m a bit modest when it comes to my clothes.

I have searched fan sites, google, etsy, flickr and pinterest for some inspiration. I think I may have searched too much, because now I’m overwhelmed with possibilities. I have to take into account my body shape, the weather and what I’ll actually feel comfortable in… Ugh!

Have you seen any on the internet that you think I may like? That won’t take me forever to make? I still have to make CT’s costume too! I’m also stumped with hers, more because she can’t decide, not because I can’t make it.

I guess I could just be lazy and buy a trench coat, red chucks and a blazer

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