Shop Update: Three Baby Quilts

muted_hexagon_quilt_mintgraytan_006_550I’ve been making baby quilts lately as a form of therapy and as skill building exercises. The size is perfect because one yard of fabric fits on the back and I can sandwich everything together on my work table. However my little one is starting to outgrow this size and I really have no use for a stack of baby quilts. Soooo I added them to the shop!

I priced them according to quilts similar in quality and design that I’ve seen online. I don’t plan on taking custom requests and won’t update quilts non stop, but it’s nice to know that if I have an idea I can test it out and it may end up finding a new home one day, not just sit on my shelf and get dusty.

$195.00  Hexagon Baby Quilt - Mint, Gray, Tan & White {an Art School dropout's life}The first three quilts that I added are all completely different. Both in color and design. There is the light muted tone hexagon quilt above

$200.00  Rows of Plus Signs Quilt - Black, White & Mustard {an Art School Dropout's life}$200.00  Rows of Plus Signs Quilt - Black, White & Mustard {an Art School Dropout's life}

The black in white plus sign quilt with a surprise mustard colored backing

$175.00  Icosahedron Baby Quilt - Blues & Grays {an Art School Dropout's life} $175.00  Icosahedron Baby Quilt - Blues & Grays {an Art School Dropout's life}And the icosahedron quilt made up of lots of blues and grays.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about these pieces and anything else that may be on your mind right now!!

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4 thoughts on “Shop Update: Three Baby Quilts

  1. These quilts are gorgeous! I really love the fabrics that you chose and the fact that you hand stitched the binding to the back. Beautiful!

  2. I love these quilts! I am making one for my sisters baby due in November and will be “borrowing” some of your print combos you’ve done. Great job!

    May I ask where you got that beautiful yellowish chartreuse fabric with the white plus signs?? Its adorable!


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