Spoonflower & Etsy Party Donations

About a month ago Spoonflower contacted me asking if they could use my mini robot doll panel as part of the Etsy Craft Party they were hosting. Of course I said yes! The panel was all ready to go for them as we have had agreements like this before, so it seriously was an easy yes.

The craft party was held last Thursday (June 20th) and by what I can see in the pictures, it looked like a lot of fun! There was a bunch of different fabric panels that could be sewn into different things.


photo courtesy of spoonflower.com

You can see some of the examples above. Pin cushions, merit badges, fabric covered buttons and my little robot! Everyone who attended had the option to take home their creation OR leave it with Spoonflower to sell in their Etsy shop.

All proceeds from the sale of these pieces goes to Heifer International, an organization that has worked since 1944 to end hunger and poverty in communities around the world. Heifer International empowers families to sustain themselves and their communities by providing livestock and training. Not only do these donations of livestock ensure a reliable source of food for families, they also provide the potential for income through the sale of extra agricultural products such as milk, eggs, and honey.

So go check out the shop and help support a very good cause!!

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