My Doll and Me Coordinating Skirt Set for Silhouette America

I’m super behind in posting all of the projects I’ve been working on. There have been several Silhouette pieces and a bunch of my own. I think I just got to wound up in the making process and never felt like I had the time to sit down and blog.

Well, I decided this week to change that. I love this blog and I feel so bad that I left it alone for TWO whole months! I have a serious backlog of pictures and stuff. It’s been interesting sorting through it all.

So to help jump start everything, here is a project I did for Silhouette America’s blog back in July.


It was a matching skirt set for CT and one of her American Girl dolls! She had been asking me for awhile to sew up some clothes and I figured a skirt would be the best thing to start out with.

dollyme_skirt_003_550You can see the full post and all of the supplies I used over on the Silhouette America Blog!

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