Instagram Roundup: September 10th

IG_090513_001 IG_090513_002 IG_090513_003If it wasn’t for my phone (and the constant need to share photos), I don’t think I would take half as many photos as I do. Well, outside of the house I mean. I take loads of photos inside the house since my DSLR is always handy. I thought I might share some of my favorite Instagram photos here every so often, for no reason other than I want to! Ha!

The above two sunset photos were taken on two different evenings, back to back I believe. The sky around dusk lately has been so pretty. I’m thankful I get to capture them with my phone! Same goes for all the insect photos I have been taking lately. Our back deck has been COVERED in insects and spiders all summer. We have to rush in and out of the door to make sure they STAY outside. I normally am not fond of pests, but the species around us are so colorful and different. Before moving here I had never seen most of these! (and I’m only an hour away from my home town). They also don’t seem to care how close I get to them, which makes for super neat photos!!

If you would like to see more of my Instagram photos just click here! If you are a member already my username is jessee_artschooldropout . I love meeting new people through IG, so please comment and say HI!