Behind The Scenes: CT’s Plus Sign Quilt

Right before we got super sick (were onto day 7 here) I was planning on finishing CT’s Plus Quilt that I’ve been dreaming on since January. I added a few more fabrics and redid the design a bit. It ended up being A LOT bigger than I had anticipated. Before accounting for seam allowance, binding and anything that could eat fabric, it measures 68″x88″. That’s almost twin quilt sized.  I can actually put this thing on CT’s bed when i’m done. That made me very happy.

I still need to sew all those little squares together, patch together the back, quilt it all up and bind it. Seems like a lot, but once I hit this point I feel good about it all, and usually finish it… within a year or so…

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Sewing, Sewing and More Sewing

I had plans to share some of the projects Ive been working on, but instead I spent most of my day and night looking for misplaced fabric squares. So I didnt have time to finish things up. We ended up finding the pieces in a suitcase!!! How they ended up there I have no idea. I’m just happy I found them.

The pieces were part of the quilt I started back in January. (apparently I started a lot of quilts in January) I was short a few fat quarters, and couldn’t make up my mind about what fabrics to add, so i just put the project aside! While searching for the perfect binding fabric for the chevron quilt I stumbled upon a different series of Lizzy House fabric. I ordered a bunch of fat quarters and two yards of that floral fabric above for the backing. I’m excited to get this quilt finished! I have all the supplies needed, so I have no excuse to put this project aside again!

Wish me luck!

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