Shop Update: Firefly Banners & Buttons!

firefly_banner_wash_004CT helped me model the new Serenity / Firefly Quote Banner (I probably need a better name, but I’m drawing a blank). I added several of them to the shop earlier today. If you are a fan of the show and the movie, then you NEED this banner!! Or if you have a friends who’s a huge fan, THEY NEED IT!

nickelbuttons_blackwhiteglitter_001I also added something not nerd related, unless you’re a sewing nerd…

New hand cast plastic buttons in a load of different colors. All available in sets of seven, so they would be perfect for blouses, cardigans, dresses and lots of items that aren’t clothing.


Oh and one more thing, I put the Home Sweet Home banner made with sprinkles up as a Pre Order. There was a lot of requests for me to make more and it just happens to be one of the few pieces I can make over and over and have it look the same. So I know exactly How many to make of these, a pre order is the only way to go. What if I make too few? Or too many?

I plan on casting again next week, so expect to also see a larger selection of colors when it comes to these banners. Any Color combos you’d like to see? Any you would like me to attempt again?

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The Smithsonian Butterfly Pavilion

butterfly_ct_bday_smith_003Like I said yesterday, I took way too many photos of the butterflies in the Smithsonian Butterfly Pavilion. I couldn’t help it! It was an amazing experience. It is a long, narrow room that is just filled with hundreds of butterflies. SO MANY BUTTERFLIES!

butterfly_ct_bday_smith_005butterfly_ct_bday_smith_007 butterfly_ct_bday_smith_009 butterfly_ct_bday_smith_008butterfly_ct_bday_smith_010 butterfly_ct_bday_smith_011butterfly_ct_bday_smith_015butterfly_ct_bday_smith_012butterfly_ct_bday_smith_013

They had loads of places to land, but sometimes if you were lucky they’d land of you! they landed on my husband A LOT.

butterfly_ct_bday_smith_014Plus there are people walking around telling you about the butterflies and even helping you catch one on a paint brush (you aren’t allowed to touch them) CT was able to hold the paintbrush a few times. It was one of the highlights of her birthday.



Right before you walk into the pavilion they also an exhibit where they teach you all about the life cycle of butterflies and moths. If you go at certain times of day they also have other huge insects that you can hold… if you’re brave enough.

butterfly_ct_bday_smith_001If you are ever in DC I highly recommend this as a stop! It’s $6 an adult, $5 per kid to get into the pavilion, but its SO worth it. I’d do it every month, maybe even twice a month. I’d recommend buying tickets ahead of time just in case, they only allow a certain amount of visitors per half hour. Oh and if you on Tuesdays it’s free!! (but you should still reserve tickets online, I imagine the free days are packed)

I’m already looking forward to when the holiday season is over so we can head back down. We were told that each time you visit is a completely different experience. I want to see if that’s true.

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CT’s 4th Birthday Adventure

ct_bday_smith_001My little girl turned FOUR last week! Super crazy. For her birthday we asked if there was anything special she wanted to do. Her original response was “go to the park”. We then explained she could do more too and started listing off loads of places. In the end she told us she wanted to go to the museum, because theres a museum in Animal Crossing video game. Though in the game theres Art, Dino Skeletons, Live Insects and Butterflies. Luckily the Smithsonian covers most of that stuff all in one building and it’s only a short drive and a metro ride away!

ct_bday_smith_002 ct_bday_smith_003ct_bday_smith_015First we checked out the Dinosaur Skeletons and Fossils, since that was her first request. It’s also a big thing in the game. You dig up fossils, take them to the museum and a little owl guy checks them out and then you have skeletons that you can donate to the museum or sell for profit.

ct_bday_smith_010ct_bday_smith_012ct_bday_smith_013I may have gone a bit overboard with the photos, but seriously the Smithsonian is SO COOL! I grew up visiting all the museums on field trips, with my family and then as a teenager with my friends. I had the biggest smile on my face all day watching CT freak out about everything. She is really into skeletons and such right now (Thanks to the Dr. Suess book: Inside Your Outside, All About the Human Body) So the exhibits actually kept her attention.

ct_bday_smith_009Lucky for us there was also a small exhibit with live fish. So we could check that off the Animal Crossing list.

ct_bday_smith_011They also had gems and live butterflies like in the game! (I took so many photos of the butterflies that they require their own post)

ct_bday_smith_004 ct_bday_smith_005As you can tell from our required photo outside the museum, it was COLD! I think it was freezing temps actually. Don’t worry, we were all super bundled up.

ct_bday_smith_006 ct_bday_smith_008 ct_bday_smith_007ct_bday_smith_014ct_bday_smith_017ct_bday_smith_016To end our Animal Crossing themed museum trip, we headed next door to the National Gallery of Art Sculptural Garden. Seriously one of my absolute favorite places! CT loved walking underneath the sculptures and see just how big they were!.

The entire day was just so much fun. We all enjoyed ourselves and are already planning another trip down. There’s so much more to see!!!

Check back tomorrow for my ridiculous amount of butterfly pictures from the Live Butterfly Pavilion at the Smithsonian.

My Weekend: Boonsboro Carnival

boon_carnival_001 boon_carnival_002 boon_carnival_003 boon_carnival_004 boon_carnival_005 boon_carnival_006 boon_carnival_007We spent last Sunday afternoon checking out a local carnival. It was CT’s first time at one actually! She rode a few rides and ate a bunch of carnival food, and only really enjoyed the funnel cake. She loved it all so much that I doubt this will be the only carnival or fair of the year. We have a bunch of towns around us that do them, and I can’t wait.

Mother’s Day: 2013

mothersday_002 mothersday_001


Mother’s Day this year was pretty calm. We spent the morning just hanging out together on the couch. I was actually able to sleep in a bit too! The afternoon was spent helping CT paint a gift for my mom, which you can see above. She wants to be a painter when she grows up now!. She seriously talks about it ALL THE TIME! The night was spent having a very nice dinner with my entire family, well most, my sister Cori wasn’t able to make it. In hindsight I don’t think I would change a single thing. Hopefully next year is just as nice.