My Modcloth “Make the Cut” Submission

v notch dressModcloth does this thing called “Make the Cut” every so often, where they open up submissions for a new clothing design to be sold on their website. This time around they did something a bit different. They provided a template of an existing dress and asked for fabric designs for the said dress. The illustration above was my first submission.

v notch dress

You had the option to submit five designs total and I figured “why not!”. I really liked the way they came out, so I also wanted to share them here. Submissions are closed and they won’t announce the 10 semi-finalist until March 3rd. I’m still on a mission to make most of my own clothes, so I figured no matter what I can use these sketchups as inspiration for my own dresses.

v notch dressLast night I came up with this design using my Daily Uniform fabric mixed in with some dark gray stripes. I’m thinking of sewing it up using a skater dress style pattern and some knit interlock fabric. For fun I used the Modcloth template to see how it would look first! I think this one is getting moved up the “to do list”, I really do love me some striped dresses!

I’m Dreaming of Dresses and Fabric…

dream_dresses_001I have been sewing up a storm lately. I have made my very first, second and third dress, and they all fit perfectly. Thats a first for me. (I’ll share actual photos of said dresses once the weather is a bit less unruly). I have also made a bunch of new bags, pouches, pillows and even new embroidered necklaces. I love sewing again.

Out of everything I’ve sewn, those three dresses were my favorite. I want an entire closet full. One in every colorway or pattern I can find. I’m finding a few fabrics I like here and there, but nothing is really catching my eye and making me think “PERFECT!” I keep doodling in my sketchbooks, but again, nothing was just right yet.

Well last night that changed. Instead of going right to bed, I decided to do a little bit of sketching. I’m so happy I did. I drew about a dozen new dress ideas (a few shown above) and a bunch of new repeat patterns for fabric (shown below).

newfabric_72813_001 newfabric_72813_002 newfabric_72813_003

I’m excited! I’ve already ordered swatches of all the fabrics designs above plus some that include actual color. I’m thinking they will work well for dresses AND some pillows or small quilt. The repeats are actually rather large. Oh and I’ve started researching sergers so I can try my hand at one of those cardigans I drew up!!! I’m no fashion expert, at all, but I really do love the idea of making my own clothes. Who knows maybe one day I can make some for others too!!



Behind the Scenes: Pillows, Dresses and a Very Tired Jessee

I’ve been a little down in the dumps lately. I’m on a new test diet to see just how much I’m allergic to gluten, which has not been fun. Basically I have to force myself to eat something with a gluten ingredient in it everyday for the next five weeks (I take the weekends off). So I pretty much have been poisoning myself! I’m tired, grumpy and weak. I just don’t have the energy to do too many projects, so I’ve been trying to stick to the easy ones, or computer based ones.

Which brings me to the above photos! In my down time lately (which is pretty often) I have been dreaming up loads of new things. New Wonky Woodgrain pillows in the above colors, new monster pillows, and a whole pile of dresses for myself (remember that dress obsession I was talking about?). I was able to do most of the design work on the computer and then just order the fabric from Spoonflower. I also have been designing some new 3D pieces for a cold cast metal jewelry line I’ve been thinking about! I’m excited!

Everything was easy enough, and I feel accomplished in the end. I hate not feeling accomplished at least once a day!

I promise to post more photos when I get to actually work on all these things. I’m seriously counting down the days until I can be gluten free again. I miss the energy I had and how great I felt about myself.

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: March 7th

So today’s window shopping theme is all about dresses, tights and boots! My newest obsession (which isn’t THAT new since I also talked about it back in November).

This latest form of obsession started a few weeks back while I was browsing the Internets, when I came across Target’s new designer collaboration with Prabal Gurung, and this dress

I wanted it right away! It was the perfect color, perfect shape and even had a geometric twist to it. So I waited until my husband came home (and for friends to head out, since we had company that day) to take me to Target. I didn’t have high hopes it would fit, no dress every fits me right. My shoulders are petite, my torso is long and my legs are short. Never a good combo when it comes to dresses… or so I thought! I was totally proved wrong when I tried this thing on, it fit perfectly and actually flattered my body, which NEVER happens with cute clothes! I was sold, not just on this dress, but ALL fit and flare style dresses!! ALL OF THEM! (I even picked up this cute black dress that same night and have worn it multiple times)

Now I have this constant need to find dresses comparable, both in style and in cut. I never want to wear jeans again, I ONLY want to wear dresses, cute dresses! Lucky for me, these things are big now and you can pretty much find them anywhere.

So if I had unlimited funds to buy cute dresses I’d buy…

1Difference Between White and Saffron Dress on ModCloth /// 2Our Song Curvy Plus Belted Dress in Navy on Ruche /// 3Women’s Half Zip Fit and Flare Dress by Mossimo at Target (I seem to really love stripes!!)

4Emerald My World Dress on Hello Holiday /// 5Geometric Lace Skater Dress by Express

6Ivete Patchwork Dress by Leifnotes and found at Anthropologie (This dress is so neat! It’s actually patchwork, just like a quilt!!) /// 7Prabal Gurung For Target Dress in Meet the Parents Print found at Target (this is the monotone version of the first dress! I found it in my size at a Target not too far away, so I may go try it on this weekend to see if I like the print on me)

And of course you can’t just go buy dresses and not have anything to go under them! So here’s a few things I wish I could accessorize these, and other dresses, with…

8Arrows Cotton Leggings by Hello Apparel /// 9Stephenie Boot found on ShoeMint

10Motor Boots by Wanted Shoes /// 11Emerald and Black Leggings by ZIB textile (I really love patterned leggings and boots, the combo always makes me smile)

12Muse Flats by Elf (I’d take these in ANY color!! They are made by hand and look soo comfy!)

13Any Low or Mid Height Heel that Swedish Hasbeens makes!! (They are all so gorgeous!)

Since I’m new to this whole “buying cute clothes” thing, I could use any suggestions as to where to find dresses and such!! Thanks in advance!!

Oh and another part of my obsession seems to be the urge to make my own dresses! I’ve already made a muslin of one I really like and I’m just waiting on some custom fabric to come in. Once I finish the first working dress I’ll totally share it on here!!!! I’m excited, I’ve always wanted to make clothes and now I finally feel comfortable enough to do so!!!

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: Modcloth

Let me start out by saying that I do not get to buy myself new clothes very often. I either spend the money on CT or I get too frustrated in the dressing room and give up. I have been itching to get some new pieces, and I’m thinking I don’t need another band tshirt or striped cardigan.

I blame all the awesome fashion blogs out there, or maybe the fact that I have a little girl who dresses super cute, but all of a sudden I want cute girly clothes. Dresses, skirts, tights, fancy coats and pretty shoes. I’m a stay at home mom, who doesn’t party or go out, so it’s really hard to justify such purchases. I always have to justify a purchase, otherwise I feel super guilty afterwards.

I am linked to ModCloth daily, usually from a blog, instagram photo or email. I spend way too much time on there looking at all their adorable clothes, and to top it off, they add loads more each day. They have everything I’ve been looking for and more. So if I had unlimited funds, or a very large ModCloth gift card, I’d buy…

1The Leif Aquatic Top /// 2Knits a Small World Sweatshirt (These two shirts are kinda like band tshirts, but way cuter! and warmer!)

3Your Fireside of the Story Cardigan in Coal (I said I didn’t need anymore cardigans, but this one has huge buttons, my other cardigans don’t have huge buttons!!) /// 4Plenty by Tracy Reese Turn to the Tundra Coat (I love the details on this coat, plus the fur comes off and leaves behind a cute collar!)

5Every Gilded Moment Dress /// 6Pretty in Prague Dress /// 7Coach Tour Dress in Noir (I really seem to be drawn to black dresses. Every time I try on a colorful pattern or solid colored dress I just don’t feel like myself. Apparently I have a little bit of a goth side. I’m seriously tempted to buy the Coach Tour dress, it looks like a good “starter dress”)

8Cultivate Colorful Tights /// 9Pale in Comparison Tights (How cute would these tights look under that Coach Tour dress? and with my Dr. Martens? or maybe those boots below?)

10Been There London That Skirt (how cute is this skirt?!? It reminds me of Disney)  /// 11Put Down Routes Boot (I like the height of these boots, the buckles and the fact that there is hardly any heel. I’m not a heels type of girl. These may be my perfect boots)

This list is a just a wish list, the only thing in my budget is that Coach Tour Dress. I really do like it. Do any of you readers have one? does it flare out a bit? or is it straight down? I’m short and chubby, I’d prefer a flared out skirt.

Oh and something neat, ModCloth is having a huge holiday sale right now! It’s their ‘Tis The Season sale. Starting Today and ending Sunday evening, 100 plus NEW ITEMS are 50% off. I missed out on their last sale, and I still see blog posts about how amazing it was. I Could buy one of those Coach Tour Dresses I like, looks like a few colors are on sale!! And I said I wouldn’t get all worked about holiday sales…

Edit: I ended up purchasing the Coach Tour Dress in Violet!!

I’m new to this type of internet shopping. Are there any other shopping websites you think I’d like? With styles similar to what I picked out above?

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Vacation Dresses

I thought it would be super cute to make CT some Disney inspired dresses for our vacation last week. Originally I was going to just design some fabric through Spoonflower, but I had some issues finding a pattern I liked, and then I didn’t have enough time to wait for the fabric.

I tried out several patterns before I was happy with the outcome. The first few were commercial patterns I bought at Joanns. They never quite fit CT right, and the sizes were all wonky. Very disappointing, and such a waste of my time. In the end I found one on Etsy by Ruby Jeans Closet. The pattern is called the Peony Flower Girl Dress, and is absolutely perfect for simple princess dresses. The instructions were super easy to understand, you don’t need any hard to find supplies and the sizes are perfect! I also like the pattern because it’s easy to change up a bit, so I can make each dress a little different to fit whatever theme I want. One pattern can yield so many different dresses. I was only able to finish four dresses before our trip, but I have plans for so many more once things die down.

The first dress I was able to finish was a Minnie Mouse inspired dress. My original plan was to make it red and white polka dotted, but I remembered last minute that Minnie wears PINK on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and CT knows her from that show. Luckily Joann’s has the same exact fabric in pink! I may go back and get the red and make a second dress, because it’s just too cute on her.

The only thing I changed on the pattern to make this dress was the waistband. In the instructions you’re supposed to put the band on the inside of the dress to hold the elastic, I put it on the outside to add a little detail. The next one I make I’m also going to put a little lace around the arm hole, just beacuse.

Oh and funny thing, CT is doing a robot dance in the first photo, It’s really funny and cute in person.

The second dress is Marvel Comics themed. This dress kinda happened by accident. While I was picking out the fabric for the rest of the dresses, my husband was wandering the store with CT. He found this fabric and asked me what we could make with it. I was still in “lets make dresses” mode, so I said I’d make CT a dress out of it. Since Disney is now associated with Marvel, I thought why not make it for the trip! I didn’t know what to call it, but by the end of the trip I said CT was dressed up as a comic book store. Ha, that totally confused people.

I did change the pattern a bit more for this dress. I cut the pattern on the line meant as a waistband guide, so that I could use two different fabrics (I thought an entire dress made out of this would be a bit much) I also added some of the patterned fabric to the sleeves as casing for the elastic. I think it added a nice little touch to the dress.

The third dress is actually my favorite one, and was a lot of fun to make. It’s a Snow White inspired dress, and was the dress CT wore as her actual costume for the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World. It’s super lightweight and very flowy, great for spinning apparently. A bunch of people called CT Snow White throughout the day, and after awhile she started to love that (I think she was a bit confused at first).

So the changes to this dress are very similar to the changes on the Marvel dress. I used the waistband guideline as the cutline again. I also used a different colored fabric for the sleeves, which I appliqued the red stripes on myself since I couldn’t find the right material in stores. I also added white binding around the sleeves as the elastic casing. Oh and I added the little red bow. I felt very good after making this specific dress and hope I can make all the princesses for her eventually.

The last dress! This dress is Alice in Wonderland inspired, though we were also told that it looked like Belle before she got that pretty yellow ballgown. Two costumes in one! CT really enjoyed wearing this one and everyone either called her Alice or asked if she’d met Alice yet (which she had, while wearing the Minnie dress).

This dress seriously took me the longest to make. It had a bit more details, had to be more precise and I had to free hand the apron pieces. I basically just winged it all! Ha! The way I changed the pattern on this one was kinda like the Minnie Mouse dress. I placed the elastic casing on the outside of the dress again, but this time I placed the apron pieces underneath the casing to make it look like all one piece. Because of the gathering around the neck, the apron pieces were only attached at the waist, their loose everywhere else. That way it laid flat. I didn’t attach the straps until I tried the entire thing on CT, that way I knew exactly how long to make them. It was a bit more work, but I’m beyond happy with the outcome. If I ever do it again, I’ll add some white casing to the armholes and some ruffles on the apron.

These dresses took me an entire week to make, but I’m happy I made them all. I think having themed dresses just added that little touch to our trip that we’ll remember for years to come!

Edit: I forgot the best part!!!… each dress cost me on average about $6 to make, and If I had a 50% off coupon for Joanns instead of the 30% off one I used, they would cost even less. 

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