2014 Spring International Quilt Market: My Absolute Favorites

I talked a bit about my experience and such at the 2014 Spring International Quilt Market yesterday. Today I want to share my absolute favorites. The lines that I know I will buy every piece from and make loads of pretty stuff with.

2014 Spring International Quilt Market: My Absolute Favorites {an Art School Dropout's life}To start I have to share everyone’s favorite, the first line from Cotton & Steel. They have a great story and are all very talented, so you should read up on them more to see what i’m talking about.

2014 Spring International Quilt Market: My Absolute Favorites {an Art School Dropout's life}

2014 Spring International Quilt Market: My Absolute Favorites {an Art School Dropout's life} 2014 Spring International Quilt Market: My Absolute Favorites {an Art School Dropout's life}Every single design from them is brilliant, and it all coordinates perfectly. So there loads of mixing and matching. It’s all very playful and vibrant and a few designs incorporate metallic colors which I’m loving right now.

2014 Spring International Quilt Market: My Absolute Favorites {an Art School Dropout's life}Though, I won’t lie, I’m most excited about their basics line. The dashes, cross hatches, lines and more are totally on my “must buy” list. I always prefer the basics, but they aren’t usually this perfect. I’ve already sketched out a quilt that would showcase these all perfectly.

2014 Spring International Quilt Market: My Absolute Favorites {an Art School Dropout's life}Next on my list of absolutely perfect was everything in Carolyn Friedlander’s booth. I was in love with her last line Architextures, and I’m even more in love with her newest line Botanics. I also had the pleasure of meeting her and chatting a bit. She’s even sweeter in person than she is online!

2014 Spring International Quilt Market: My Absolute Favorites {an Art School Dropout's life}2014 Spring International Quilt Market: My Absolute Favorites {an Art School Dropout's life}I left her booth with a few mini charm packs that showcased her line, plus some of Robert Kaufmans basics. I’ve already cut into them all and can’t wait to share the piece I’m making, it’s just taking me a bit to finish.

2014 Spring International Quilt Market: My Absolute Favorites {an Art School Dropout's life}I also was a fan of everything else Robert Kaufman put their name on! Their Kona Cottons are a staples in all my projects, plus I picked up a bunch of polka dotted fabrics which will probably be used a lot soon. Check out that diamond fabric garland in the Blueprint Basics booth! I so badly want to recreate it.

2014 Spring International Quilt Market: My Absolute Favorites {an Art School Dropout's life}The last of my ultimate favorites was the awesome American Made Fabrics solids. They were gorgeous and person and I’m always a sucker for pretty solids. Plus look at those ottomans!!! I know a very cute little girl who would love one of those.

Ok, so that’s a wrap on the Quilt Market photos. I still have more to say about some of the things I brought home with me, but I promise this is the last photos from the actual event.

Like I said yesterday, I was inspired so much by just walking around this event. Then add all the conversations I had and I am set. It really made me 100%, fully realize, how much I love sewing, quilting and everything involved. It’s how Art School Dropout started actually, I was hand painting SEWN bags! I came home realizing that I want to be a part of this industry MORE, and I have sat here all week trying to figure out how to balance all my goals with all the stuff I’m already doing. I haven’t figured it out yet, and I’m not sure when I will, but I do know change is coming and it makes me really happy!

2014 Spring International Quilt Market

qm_sp2014_001I mentioned the Spring International Quilt Market last week when I talked about the quilt I made for Silhouette America’s booth. Well, as thank you they made it possible for me to go to market!!! It was in Pittsburgh this year, and even taking back roads it only takes us 3 hours to get there. We had some hotel points and I had money put aside for BlytheCon that I could make up, so we figured “why not?”, and drove up last minute.

I figured it would be awesome just to see some online friends in person along with seeing all the new fabrics coming out. Little did I know just how much was there. Every type of tool of the trade was featured, from sewing machines to interfacing to thread and more! It was very inspiring and totally awesome. I left with so many ideas swirling around in my head, and a little anxiety trying to think of how I would make the time to try them all out. I’ll talk about all that at another time…

I didn’t bring my nice camera, but luckily there was a lot of natural light in the convention center. I took SO MANY photos, and decided I’d share a few (or a bunch, all depends on what you think a few is. haha) of my favorite fabrics coming out soon.

I’ll warn you now, theres so many, they take up two posts!!

qm_sp2014_002One of the first booths I saw walking around was the Irome Collection by Kokka. I absolutely love the large scalloped pattern!

qm_sp2014_005Actually, most of the stuff Kokka had was awesome! Check out that calendar/numbers print and ALL the Hello Kitty Prints! I wish I had looked at the proper names for the collections. I was just a bit overwhelmed! I so badly want to recreate that gray bag, so if you know what line this is, please tell me!!!

qm_sp2014_003 qm_sp2014_004Alexander Henry Fabrics is putting out more of their “the Ghastlies” line. It’s just as awesome as the last ones!

qm_sp2014_007Tula Pink has a new EPP hexagon kit coming out. I love the look of the warped hexies and I love how the box comes with everything you need. Also, as always her quilting is gorgeous.

qm_sp2014_008I have some pieces from the Riley Blake Geekly Chic line, and love them. The pieces from the new Geekly Chic 2 line are just as cool. I’m already picturing a dress out of the camera fabrics.

qm_sp2014_009I love the jewel tones featured in Katarina Roccella’s line Indelible for Art Gallery fabrics.

qm_sp2014_010 qm_sp2014_011Dear Stella‘s entire booth was super cute! Plus I’ve already had an eye on their Wee Gallery line ever since I discovered Nicole of Modern Handcraft (who made the adorable little dress up piece above). I had the pleasure of meeting her at the event! It’s awesome to meet someone with similar style who just happens to be super nice too.

qm_sp2014_006I also had the pleasure of meeting and briefly speaking to Thomas Knauer the author of Modern Quilt Perspectives. He was super energetic, nice and spoke freely when I asked him questions (rare these days). I absolutely loved the way he made his sign and I wish i could have taken all of his quilts home with me!

I also had the pleasure of meeting a few other friends and such while wandering around. Plus I was able to talk to a handful of industry experts and ask loads of questions and trade some business cards. It all makes me wish I could just play with fabric all day, every day!

Like I said before, I have more photos to share tomorrow. More specifically my four favorites. So if it doesn’t bore you, you should come back and check it out!

Clean Cut Fabric Petal Wreath for Silhouette America

Clean Cut Fabric Petal Wreath by Jessee Maloney for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}My first tutorial for the Silhouette America Blog went live yesterday! Check it out for step by step instructions on how I made the awesome wreath above.

Clean Cut Fabric Petal Wreath by Jessee Maloney for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}

As you can see loads of different, awesome, fabrics were used in this wreath! I wish I could take credit for picking them all out, however they were all from a fabric shop coordinated charm pack. A charm pack is usually 42 – 5″ fabric squares assembled together in a pack. They are very helpful with small projects and or if you need loads of different patterns but don’t want to buy yardage. This one was filled with a bunch of Shot Cottons, a few lines from Art Gallery Fabrics, a couple Anna Maria Horner prints, some Birch Fabric lines and more! I loved this mix so much I actually used it in another project I’ll be sharing soon.

The charm pack was courtesy of Finch Sewing Studio in Leesburg, VA. (the shop that put the pack together) It’s an awesome shop in downtown Leesburg that is filled with all of the most colorful fabrics. You can tell just from the charm pack used in this wreath what I mean. It’s about a 25 min ride from where I live, and we have made it a weekly stop now. The owner and everyone who works there has been super sweet too! Added bonus.

I usually only buy black, white, gray and teal fabrics, but theres something about this shop that makes me want to buy all the colors! ALL OF THEM! I even bought a charm pack that has green in it, something I’d normally shy away from. This is a big step for me, and I think I want to add more color to a lot more of my projects. So keep an eye out!!!!!!

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Flower Doodle Fabric Collection

flowerdoodle_fabric_003I received the swatches for my Flower doodle fabric from Spoonflower this week! I LOVE All of them, even the super oversized one. Haha, I may have messed up a bit on scale there.

flowerdoodle_fabric_004I can’t wait until I have more time for sewing. I’m picturing a cute little dress for CT made out of purple and teal one!!

This design can also be purchased as Wallpaper and Giftwrap! How cool is that?

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Flower Doodles

I hate to just sit around, I’d prefer to be kept busy. So when I get sick, I get super frustrated. This was the case the past two weeks, and to keep myself occupied I took up doodling in my sketchbook non stop. I’ve been meaning to get back into that habit anyway. It’s been too many years since I took time to just draw, and I am certainly very rusty.

flower_doodles_001Once I felt better I scanned in a few of my little flower doodles and decided to make a repeat pattern with them.

flowerdoodle_fabric_001Which then means I of course uploaded it to Spoonflower and ordered fabric swatches in a few colorways. I had to. I’ll post pictures of the fabric once it comes in.


Then I figured if I was already doing that, why not upload one of the colorways to Society6 too! I absolutely love the phone case, I think it was the perfect application for the repeat.

I noticed while I was on there that I had a promotion that I could share with all of you. From now until January 12th at midnight (PST) you can get FREE SHIPPING when you purchase anything for MY Society6 shop! (you must click the link to get the offer) I thought that was pretty cool, and I’m now wondering how often they do promotions like this?


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Mini Fabric Bolts: The Best Idea EVER!

This past weekend we finally started working on my new sewing room. We spent Saturday at Ikea buying new shelves, and Sunday at home prepping the room for all my supplies and equipment. It was exhausting, and we are nowhere near done, but I’m beyond excited that it’s finally started. I want to share it so bad, but I feel like I should wait until it’s finished (which may be a few weeks since I forgot to buy another desk section while at Ikea)

One of the new features of the room will be awesome fabric storage. I’m a visual person, I need to see all my supplies, otherwise I forget what I have. I’m leaning more towards sewing lately, so knowing what I have is really really important. I’m covered when it comes to fat quarters, those are all in wire baskets. But yardage was starting to get hard to see, it’s so big and bulky, and I had nowhere to put it.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I found Sew Fantastic’s post about making mini fabric bolts. The supplies are easy to find and the results are great. Now I can just place the full yard, and half yard, bolts on a Billy bookcase and see exactly what I have. Also, because of the different sizes I can tell if I have enough for a project just by looking at the shelf! Super perfect for everything I have planned this year.

Do any of you have some ideas on supply storage? I’d love to hear them, because I’m still trying to figure out a way to make my beads, and jewelry supplies visible.


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