If I Had Unlimited Funds: October 11th

1Silver Whale Ring by Pica Pica Press (they have loads of neat nerdy jewelry) /// 2You Guys Are So Unhip – Douglas Adams quote poster by Chatty Nora (I’m also really loving this IT Crowd quote)

3Misfits Tribute by La La La Shop (I think is super awesome! Any of you guys fans of this show?)

4Wednesday Addams Original Painting by Stephanie Buscema /// 5You Are the Marty to My Jennifer Card by March Stationary

6Dr Who Timey Wimey Tardis Clock by Unicorn Empire (I think its funny its $42 btw) /// 7Tardis Necklace also by Pica Pica Press

8I Don’t Have Friends Print by Nan Lawson (you can find loads of pop culture prints here, my second favorite is The Piemaker) /// 9Pixel People – the IT Crowd Cross stitch Pattern by weelittlestitches (I’ve done a few of their patterns before, and obviously loved them, you can see one here)

So if you didn’t get the theme, I’ll let you in on it… It’s all nerdy pop culture stuff. I live for things like this. I love showcasing it all in my home, and on myself. I use to hide all my favorite things away, in fear that I would be made fun of. (I watched Stargate SG-1 from the start, when it was aired in the middle of the night, but I never told anyone until my husband) That’s totally not the case anymore.

I’m proud of my interests. I love TV. I love movies. I love anything to do with time travel, and I love everything Douglas Adams says… Plus so much more, I just love it all!

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