Shop Update: Wood + Plastic + Fabric

Shop Update: Wood + Plastic + Fabric {an Art School Dropout's life}The shop is officially updated and ready for shopping! I kept this stocking small, since it is the first big update in a year or so. I don’t want to be overwhelmed and make mistakes. I need to get back in the swing of things.

If all goes well today, I will have another update in the next two weeks. So if you missed out on something today, don’t worry, just let me know in the comments below what your favorite pieces were and I’ll try and restock something similar. You can also leave comments with fabric suggestions/requests for the Fabric + Wood or Fabric + Plastic Necklaces. For this update I chose using my own personal taste.

Thanks for stopping by, you guys seriously have made my week with your enthusiasm and encouragement.

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Shop Update: All The Colors!

Shopupdate_72513_001Shopupdate_72513_002Shopupdate_72513_006Shopupdate_72513_004Shopupdate_72513_005Shopupdate_72513_003I’ve been having a lot of fun taking product photos lately. I’m not rushing like I use to, I’m actually thinking through each pieces background color and angle. I think switching over to Etsy helped with this. When I had my own stand alone shop, I wanted everything to be consistent and streamlined. I always used a natural wood background, and shot all the pieces the same. Now I am enjoying the look of all the different colors and how they emphasize the piece being photographed.

I also know its not “good” to use super colorful backgrounds, and that if you want to be featured on a blog or in a magazine you need ready to go photos on white background. At least thats what Ive been told over and over the past ten years. I don’t know if its true, but I do know that all of the above images make me smile, and I’m proud of them!

So onto the actual shop update… I’ve added a few embroidered bird brooches, a couple new necklaces, a pair of adorable earrings and a few rings! Check them out and let me know what you think!!

I just placed an order for new casting supplies and some fun new pigments (glow in the dark anyone!!?!). I also have a bunch of new designs coming in from the laser cutters and the 3D printers. I’m ready to experiment! Which also means, I’m open for some custom requests. I already have a small list for Blythe eyes, and a few arrow hairpins, so don’t feel shy if you’d like something special too. I really do love requests! It makes what I do fun and interactive.

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Shop Update: Happy Clouds

cloudmonsterneck_halfsprinkles_004cloudmonsterneck_tangerineglitter_001 cloudmonsterneck_heartstarsrainbow_002I’ve been kinda absent on the internets lately, it’s been partially due to a ridiculous cold/stomach flu I had last week and then the fact that it was my husbands birthday this past Monday! We like to do birthday weeks, but he’s on call for work this week, so it ended up just being a birthday weekend. We spent the entire weekend out and about, it was exhausting and nice at the same time.

I’m kinda spending this week catching up on orders and shop stuff. It’s been pretty dreary lately, but I caught about a half hours worth of daylight yesterday for photos.  Which meant I was able to add a few Monster Cloud Necklaces to the shop!! Sprinkles, confetti and glitter, oh my!

If I can catch a few more rays of sunlight, I may add some more. We’ll see…

Shop Update: Made To Order Zig Zag Necklaces

I’ve had a lot of requests for the Simple Zig Zag necklace I added to the shop a few weeks back. It was a test piece to see if I should make more. I ordered more pieces to cast, and have the molds all ready to go. So for the next week and or so I will be taking pre-orders for these necklaces, any color you’d like and you get to choose the type of chain too! I figured this would be easier than guessing what colors buyers would want.

Since I’m going to be casting a bunch of pieces in preparation for Crafty Bastards, I can also take color requests for any of my new pieces. Just leave a comment here or email me.

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