Shop Update: Crafty Bitches Club…


Are you part of the Crafty Bitches Club? Do you want to be? If you answered yes to either of those, then you need one of the newest additions to the shop!

There are a couple variations available with more on the way!

First up is the T-shirt shown above! It is professionally printed on a black American Apparel Tri-Blend Crew Neck shirt up to size XL and solid black in XXL. They are currently available for Pre-order with delivery stated for mid April.


If you are more of a subtle Crafty Bitch, then you may like our handmade laser cut Needle Minders or Pins!

They are available in the design above OR a handful of other sassy sayings.

Photo Feb 27, 1 04 37 PM

You can find all of this and much more in the shop! It’s currently all first come first serve with no updates scheduled for at least a month or so.

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Shop Update: Firefly Banners & Buttons!

firefly_banner_wash_004CT helped me model the new Serenity / Firefly Quote Banner (I probably need a better name, but I’m drawing a blank). I added several of them to the shop earlier today. If you are a fan of the show and the movie, then you NEED this banner!! Or if you have a friends who’s a huge fan, THEY NEED IT!

nickelbuttons_blackwhiteglitter_001I also added something not nerd related, unless you’re a sewing nerd…

New hand cast plastic buttons in a load of different colors. All available in sets of seven, so they would be perfect for blouses, cardigans, dresses and lots of items that aren’t clothing.


Oh and one more thing, I put the Home Sweet Home banner made with sprinkles up as a Pre Order. There was a lot of requests for me to make more and it just happens to be one of the few pieces I can make over and over and have it look the same. So I know exactly How many to make of these, a pre order is the only way to go. What if I make too few? Or too many?

I plan on casting again next week, so expect to also see a larger selection of colors when it comes to these banners. Any Color combos you’d like to see? Any you would like me to attempt again?

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