If I Had Unlimited Funds: February 17th

I have spent so much time stuck on the couch or in bed with one ridiculous cold after another. I can not wait until this winter is over! Normally I’m all about the cold. I love bundling up and wearing layers. If I could walk around with a quilt wrapped around me all day every day, I would!

This down time has caused me to internet window shop way more than usual. So after three months of adding things to pinterest and numerous wish list and decided to do another one of these posts. So, If I Had Unlimited Funds i’d totally buy…

unlimitedfunds_021714_0011One of a Kind Eames RKR by cast + crew (I’m not normally into the color red, but lately I have been drawn to it. Is that weird?)

unlimitedfunds_021714_0022Sherlock Print by Tillieke (How amazing would this look on the wall!? I NEED it) /// 3Mini Quote – Douglas Adams by Britt Wilson (One of my favorite quotes by my favorite author!)

unlimitedfunds_021714_0034 - Marva RX Glasses by Warby Parker (I’ve been on the rx glasses kick. I needed a new pair and have tried on sooooo many in the past few months. I finally found a pair of dark red ray bans that were perfect. I know that dark red doesn’t go with everything so I’m now on the search for a second, inexpensive pair for the days I’m not into mismatching. which isn’t too many days)

unlimitedfunds_021714_0045Nerd Art Print by Little Atae

unlimitedfunds_021714_0056Dodecahedron Mobile by submicrocosm (my new love of paper and my old love of anything geometric all in one!) /// 7Paper Unicorn by Paperwolf (how awesome is this?!?! They also make other animals and they are all just as gorgeous!)

unlimitedfunds_021714_0068Metal Wall Shelf by Eina (I love enameled metal and the color teal, so this little shelf is perfect! It comes in other colors too.)

unlimitedfunds_021714_0079I Work Out, Just Kidding I Watch Netflix Tank by Active Apparel (ha, way too true) /// 10  - Shimmer Authentic Vans (these are so neat! It’s like my tomboy side and my newly aquired girly side collaborated and made a pair of shoes!!!!)

So you’ve seen a tiny peek into my window shopping world, so now I can ask…

Are there any shops you think I’d really like? Please share!!!

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: August 1st

I have pretty much only had fabric and sewing machines on my mind lately, so I haven’t really done a lot of internet window shopping. A lot being the magic word, I have done a little!!

So If I had unlimited funds (after I buy a new sewing machine) then I would totally buy…

unlimitedfunds_073013_0011 & 2Recluse T Shirt & Procrastinate Felt Pennant both by Stay Home Club! (I have been seeing a bunch of this companies products all over the internets lately and once I finally looked them up I was sold. I want it ALL).

unlimitedfunds_073013_0023Rose Gold Circle Wood Veneer Sunglasses by Tumbleweeds Handcraft (If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, then you know just how much I adore all of Tumbleweeds Handcrafts glasses. I now have two pairs myself, but of course I want more. These new ones are just too neat!!)

unlimitedfunds_073013_0034 – Clementine Large Lampshade by Random Lights /// 5Oversized Handmade Reclaimed Wooden OK Sign by Ruby Rhino (I love both of the pieces for the same reason! They are wood and they have a lot of personality)

unlimitedfunds_073013_0046Rock Coral Earrings by Joanna Rutter (These are absolutely perfect for me! They have just the right amount of personality AND they’ll actually stay in my ears! My ears use to be stretched and ever since having CT I’ve let them shrink. Well now its hard to get any earrings that aren’t plugs to stay in properly. I think a design like this would work just right!)

unlimitedfunds_073013_0057Fantasy Dreamed Blue Manor Poster by Melle Marcel /// 8Gingerbread Victorian House Kit by Journey Productions

unlimitedfunds_073013_0069Glass house by Boxwood (what can I say, I just love houses!!)

So yeah, as you can see I haven’t been completely slacking when it comes to roaming the internets. I forgot how much I loved putting these posts together!



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If I Had Unlimited Funds: Big Bags

It was until I started working on this post did I realize I have a “type” when it comes to bags! I didn’t even know it until I saw all the bags I liked together on one screen. It was crazy to me. I always thought I had a wide range of taste in bags. Then I looked over at my favorite purse, and realized it too falls into this “type” (It’s a forest green Fossil satchel). Ha.

Anyway, If I had unlimited funds to buy any and all the bags I like, I’d buy…

1 & 2Organic Cotton Weekend Bag by Jenna Rose Handmade (These bags are all so nice! I’m seriously trying to figure out which one would work for me. I think they’d be great to carry my camera and a few other odds and ends!)

3Garrison Bag by Winter Session (I really love the size and shape of this bag! Plus it has a longer shoulder strap, which is super useful when chasing a toddler)

4Unisex Canvas Backpack  /// 5UniSex Olive Green Canvas Messenger both bags are by Bagy Bags (These look like super useful bags! The one on the left especially. I’ve been thinking a backpack type bag may actually work really for me. I like wearing backpacks actually)

6ZIP TOTE – rain/waxed by bookhou (I have loved their bags since the first time I saw one! They are awesome!! Simple but interesting at the same time. Plus it looks like this one could hold my camera too!)

7NO 2 Backpack in Tobacco by Ada Black Jack (seriously, another super useful looking bag!! When I get the funds to actually buy a new bag, I’m going to have serious issues picking just one!) /// 8Screen Printed Tote Bag – Broken Arrows by Slide Sideways (This bag is just too cute! Look at all those little arrows!! and it looks like a great size for a camera too!)

As you may be able to tell, I’m in need of a bag that I can use as my everyday purse, but also use to hold my camera in it’s case. I really want to take more pictures out and about, but my camera is just so bulky, and my purses are just so small. It’s not a good mix. I’m hoping to get together some funds and pick out one or two of these bags (which is going to be hard), or maybe even one I don’t know about yet!! Any other suggestions?

Oh and friendly reminder! make sure to check out Monday’s post where you can win a Blue Garden necklace, just by telling me your favorite color combo!

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: April 29th

I’ve had a bit more down time lately, which usually means I’m spending way too much time “window shopping” the internets. Seriously, my Etsy favorites is getting a bit out of control. I just love looking at THINGS.

So If I had unlimited funds to buy all the things I like to look at, I’d buy…

1Love You Night Light by Owly Shaddow Puppets (I have a few of their shadow puppets, and I’m now eyeing up all their nightlights and paper goods. All of it is SO CUTE!)

2Faceted Emerald Ring / 199 Carat Series by Gemagenta (I just think this ring is so pretty! I’m not a diamond girl, but I do love the shape of them) /// 3Silver Constellation Crown by Giant Dwarf (I have been wanting a head piece by Sue since she started making the felt flower ones YEARS ago! I just never felt like I was girly enough to wear one. Like I would feel fake, or silly. Now I know that was super crazy, and I WILL get one of these amazing pieces finally!!!)

4Fox Dress by Gracie Chai (This beyond adorable dress is HANDMADE and HAND PRINTED! Not screen printed. Hand stamped! Each fox head was done separately, layer by layer. It’s amazing! The designer even shares the process on her blog. She’s my new favorite!)

5Shelter Print by Jeremy Miranda (Every single piece of art in this shop is amazing! I’m normally a simple screen printed art type of girl, but I just can’t get over how interesting these prints are!) /// 6Florescent Green Geometric Linen T-Rex Pillow by Panacea By Jade (OK, it’s a geometric dinosaur pillow, why wouldn’t I want one of these?!?)

7The ‘Brandy Snap’ Peter Pan Collar Dress by Isabel Knowles (These handmade dresses are just too cute! Plus they are tailor made to your exact measurements, so it’s a perfect fitting dress)

8Wooden desk lamp in grey and yellow lime by Ellens Alley (this lamp is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I think a set of them would look amazing in our bedroom) /// 9Washi Tape Pillow Cover by Mrs Eliot Books

10Thin Pointed Violet Stackable Ring by Anja Guggenheim (This ring isn’t just sparkly and cute, it’s also a SELF DEFENSE WEAPON! Crazy right? I found this shop late at night while searching for geometric rings. I didn’t realize what the ring was at first, but once I read the description I was in love. This isn’t the only design with a double purpose! ALL of the designs in the shop can be used for self defense. I seriously think every girl I know should own one of these, or at least the Unicorn Horn!)

So, completely off topic… My endoscopy is tomorrow!! Which means after all the gluten is out of my system I will hopefully be back to my normal self. Sewing, sculpting, casting, working out, and baking self. I think I’m too excited for this!! I have stacks of supplies just waiting to be used.

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: March 18th

This week I decided to do another random assortment of things I have been eyeing lately!

I’m still on the gluten once a day deal, so I’m still tired and have had a lot of time to browse the Internets and basically window shop!

So if I had unlimited funds to buy whatever I wanted, I’d buy…

1 - Dreamy Morning Roe Dress by ZIB Textile (How amazing is this dress? there’s geometric shapes, deer and its teal! One of my favorite colors!)

2Organic Silver Post Earrings with White Gold Sparkles by tiny galaxies /// 3Scooter Necklace by Strangely Yours (How cool is this thing? It’s laser cut and can move!! Plus you can customize the license plate!! Plus its a scooter, I LOVE scooters!)

4Planet Poster 1 by Debbie Carlos /// 5Holding Pattern Overnight Bag on ModCloth

6Personalized Polaroid Portrait by Danny Brito (I think this is great, you send the artist a photo, and he does a Polaroid type illustration for you!)

7Twilight Fox Print by Hillary Bird /// 8Hexagonal Eco Resin Ring by Rosella Resin

9Wood Pendant Collar with Gold Geometric Pattern by the Twenty Fingers

10Alice in Wonderland tee on Uniqlo /// 11Modern Throw Blanket by Little Hip Squeaks (most of the items in the shop are for little ones, but I just love the simplistic patterns so much. I was excited to find out they made large throw blankets!)

I’m getting closer to the date when I can stop eating gluten again (April 10th to be exact), so I’m hoping to show more projects and less window shopping afterwards!!




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If I Had Unlimited Funds: January 28th

Today I don’t really have a theme, just more of a “I just REALLY want these things”. A miss match of random things I find on the internet and add to my “Things I Want” list on Pinterest.

So here goes, If I had unlimited funds and NO theme, I’d buy…

1I’m So Tired T-Shirt by Hello Apparel (maybe if i wore this shirt, It would explain my zombie like state these days) /// 2Rainy Day orginal print/painting by Sara Harvey

3Conan O’Brien Quote Typography Poster by IScreenYouScreen (I own their world map print, and I love it! the entire thing is screen printed, even the background color!!)

4Cody by Jon Knox Studio /// 5Quilted Fox Print by Gingiber

6Geometric Leggings by Dream Nation (everything thing is the shop is amazing!) /// 7Geometric Quilt Print by Almost Sunday Inc

8Schoolboy Satchel on Shoemint (I just really like satchels)

9Wood Alphabet Wall Decor by Graphic Spaces /// 10Rude Little Black Book by 27th Street Press

So all I need to do now and either sell everything in my shop, or win the lottery and I’ll be able to get ALL OF THIS! I’d say either is a good plan!

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