Shop Update: Made To Order Zig Zag Necklaces

I’ve had a lot of requests for the Simple Zig Zag necklace I added to the shop a few weeks back. It was a test piece to see if I should make more. I ordered more pieces to cast, and have the molds all ready to go. So for the next week and or so I will be taking pre-orders for these necklaces, any color you’d like and you get to choose the type of chain too! I figured this would be easier than guessing what colors buyers would want.

Since I’m going to be casting a bunch of pieces in preparation for Crafty Bastards, I can also take color requests for any of my new pieces. Just leave a comment here or email me.

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Chevron Quilt: Halfway Done…

The chevron quilt is no longer a stack of fabric!! I feel so accomplished! Even though I’m only about 50% (or less) done. Ha. This is the largest quilted piece I’ve worked on and the most mind boggling. I messed up three times on the placement of certain squares, mostly around the edges. Also, as you can see in the photo above, I’ve been sewing so quick that I just skipped over snipping threads, so that’s a whole huge step I need to do too. I don’t care I’m just excited to finish it, hopefully in time for Fall. I’m going to need a nice quilt to snuggle with on cold mornings.

Have any of you ever made a chevron/zig-zag quilt using squares? How did you end up quilting it? I’m still trying to decide, so any input would be awesome.

I also finished up a few tote bags using the supplies pictured above. I’m hoping to have them in my next shop update that may or may not be this upcoming Monday. All depends on how my weekend goes.

Edit: minutes after I published this post, CT starting coughing behind me, so my weekend may be spent cuddling with her…

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