The Three Year Baby Quilt

About Three years ago, almost to the date, I started my first quilt. I was 6 months pregnant with CT and I was still optimistic about how much I could finish before she was born. I had these huge plans about sewing some sheets, a crib skirt, an entire closet full of dresses and THIS quilt. Well, my pregnancy got a bit rough really soon after I finished the quilt top, and I could hardly do anything but sit until CT was born.

Fast Forward to this past Tuesday, I was browsing Pinterest and saw a really neat quick quilt that I could finish in one day with supplies I had on hand. I went straight to my sewing room to pick out some fabric. While rummaging through everything I found the quilt top that I had started 3 years ago, along with the batting cut to size and the back piece ready to go. All I needed was some fabric for the binding. Lucky me I always buy extra Kona cotton when its on super sale at Joanns. I had a bunch of pinks to chose from. I had no excuses to hold me back, so I figured “why not?”

It took me the rest of the afternoon and a little bit of time in the evening, but I was able to finish up the quilt, no problem! This made me feel super accomplished and now I’m all ready to make more!!

CT watched me finish most of it, and she knew it was going to be hers the entire time. I washed it last night while she was asleep, and once it was dry we placed it on her bed. She woke up and found it. I swear she actually squealed!! Ha. That is really the best sound the hear after you’ve worked on something for your child, isn’t it?

We have this rule in the house where you can only color in the at the table or on a quilt on the floor. We came up with it by random, but it really has helped eliminate drawing on the wall (unless its the chalkboard wall, which has its own rule). CT keeps a bunch of crayons and some paper in a little Totoro bag I found her, so the second I placed the quilt down to photograph she thought that meant it was time to draw!! She sat there for about an hour.

Well, I’m off to Pinterest to find another project to work on. I feel way more accomplished when I’m working on something new and different. Do any of you have suggestions?


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