Thrift Finds: May 2nd thru May 8th

We made our mini vacation as fun for us as it was for CT. We decided ahead of time to drive the long way to Lancaster, PA. We took a 2.5 hour trip and made it a 5 hour trip there and a 6 hour trip home. We stopped at a bunch of thrift stores, antique malls, kooky shops and flea markets. I even found something on Craigslist that was on the way!




Lets start with the small stuff…
Of course, as usual I found some pyrex for my collection, no trip is complete without a pyrex find these days. Ha. I’ve almost run out of room!
We also found a vintage Mickey vinyl figurine and a vinyl Donald Duck piggy bank. (CT has taken the bank as her own). I also found myself a vintage Avon perfume bottle from the Small World collection without realizing it, I just thought she was cute! I didn’t even know I was getting something else for my Disney collection. More Disney pieces. More travel plates. More mugs.
I also found loads of Corelle to go with pieces I already owned, plus one new design ( the yellow and green flower ones). I found two new recipe boxes too, one is super large and still has the original large index cards in it and dividers, perfect for huge recipes.
Oh and of course we had to pick up a few hex’s! We were in Amish country!


We have a Honda Element, and we took out one of the seats in the back just in case we found some larger items… And as you can see, we did! The chair on the right was $1.00! its in great condition and is covered in a faux wood veneer, my favorite type of finish. Ha. I plan on recovering it soon, I’ve already ordered the fabric.
The chair on the left is either a real or repro Eames era fiberglass bucket chair! The one and only thing I have always been on the search for!!!! My one thrifting constant. It was the piece I found on Craigslist on the way up. I’m not educated enough to know if it’s real, I don’t care really. I just love the style. It even has the fiberglass stringy look. Perfect!! The only downside, it’s not a rocker. I was going to be purchasing a real Eames rocker next month, I may not now, I don’t know. I’m still on the fence.


This time around CT also got in on the thrifting awesomeness! Se found herself a bunch of old Fraggle Rock toys, some polly pocket pieces and the 80′s Fisher Price McDonalds pictured above. She says it’s where they make ketchup.

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