Shop Update: August 22nd

I was able to add nine new pieces to the shop today. I had planned for more but CT was having a cranky day and needed more of my attention than usual. Some of the pieces are BRAND NEW, like the blue one pictured above, and some are just updated colors of existing pieces. Oh and theres also two new hairpin designs!! I’m really happy with all these new designs and I can’t wait to make more.

On a sorta related note… As you can see above, I’m trying out a new background for photos. I don’t know if I want to continue using wood as my background or not. It’s hard to do batch editing and such and a lot of times if gives everything a yellow glow. Plus I want a cleaner look to everything. I’m┬átesting out options and would love your input…

Do you like the wood background? or the extremely (almost white) light gray one? or neither? Oh and keep in mind that the necklace on the left is black and the one on the right is dark gray, their not the same necklace.

I’m not a professional photographer with loads of equipment so this has been interesting figuring it all out, any suggestions would be great!

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