Behind the Scenes: Plus Sign Pillow

I know I said I wouldn’t be showing much sewing projects for a few weeks, but I just couldn’t help myself with this one.

Before I started CT’s plus quilt, I wanted to test out the process of sewing so many plus signs! I didn’t want to go too crazy, size wise, so I started with a 20″x20″ floor pillow. I wanted it to be a little off center and, well, wonky. I like things a little off.

It’s completely pieced together and even all ironed flat! However, sadly, it also has to be pinned on the inspiration board until I have free time to work on it.

It seems the creative juices start flowing, or gushing in my case, the most when I have no time to actually make anything! Is this just me? Does this happen to any of you? If so, do you ever get around to the new ideas?

I’ve also had this compulsion to learn 3D rendering so I could get some ideas printed up. I’ve dabbled in it a bit here and there and watched way too many tutorials on youtube. Of course it all comes to me this week, when I have prior commitments.

I did find a few free minutes Saturday morning to fiddle with things, it was the most productive minutes I’ve had in weeks!

I finished up THREE new jewelry designs, so far. I ordered prototypes, and hope to have an all new jewelry line ready to go by spring. I’m am beyond excited about this. New necklaces,  new rings, new earrings, and even some bracelets!!!All my very own designs!!

I can’t wait to start showing the progress of this last minute venture.

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