A Baby Chevron Quilt

I have been waiting FOREVER to post this! I made it back in October and wasn’t able to get it to its new owner until recently. Life just kept getting in the way! (or I’d forget to bring it with me, which is a normal occurrence for me)

I made this specifically for an adorable little newborn baby girl who’s mama loves pretty vintage things. So of course it had to be pink, dainty and have something vintage looking on it. I also wanted to give it a modern edge, which is where the off set chevron design comes in. Most of the solid fabrics are Kona cotton and the flower print is a piece of a vintage sheet! I made it a bit bigger than a normal baby quilt, only because I got a bit carried away while making the half square triangles!

I love the design so much that I’m thinking of making another one for CT, but a little bit bigger since she’s outgrowing all of her other baby quilts!

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