Collections: My Paper Crane

So as I promised last week, here is a peek at one of my largest collections…



All of my My Paper Crane / Heidi Kenney pieces.
This is another accident collection. Aren’t most collections accidents? I bought my first piece about 7 years ago? I may be wrong on that, I’m horrible sometimes with dates. I bought a large stuffed tampon, with eyes, from her booth at one of the first craft shows I ever did. I didn’t keep it, I gave it to my mom, but I really wish I had. After that every time I did a show at the same time as her I’d buy, or trade for, a piece or two and sometimes three. I’ve bought way more pieces than are shown! Some are still packed away and some are in my little sisters collection. There’s also a rainbow and a cloud hanging in CT’s room.


My absolute favorite piece is the wedding toast Heidi made us as a wedding gift! It’s so cute and I love the double meaning of wedding toast!
My second favorite piece is that HUGE toilet in the first picture! It makes me smile every morning when I pass by it.



I haven’t collected too many of the Kid Robot pieces, I have a bunch of the donut keychains from the first series plus a few breakfast keychains. A lot of those are scattered around on different bags and key chains. We’ve been buying some of the pillows for CT’s room too, she loves them. Especially the HUGE pizza pillow, she’s always hanging out on that thing.

Just like the Hellboy collection, I don’t think I’m anywhere done collecting. I don’t think I have too much yet… I’m assuming that’s what makes people stop? More collections coming next week!

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