Collections: Pyrex

Today I present to you one of my newer and most addicting collections…

Vintage Pyrex!! My husband and I have been thrifting for years, and we always saw the Pyrex bowls and casseroles, but we never had room for them.

Well then came the house! and then came Pinterest! and then came Tasha! We finally had room, I was bombareded with awesome pyrex on pinterest and I met Tasha who is a HUGE collector and can tell you the name of any piece you show her. I realized owning ALL of these awesome pieces wouldn’t actually be THAT hard and I already had the Corelle to match… the words of an addict…

It started with that little yellow fridgie in the top left corner. I found it for $2 at a local antique mall. I loved how bright, colorful and sturdy it was. I NEEDED more…

and more…

It just keeps going! it took me close to 2.5 hours to round up all of my pieces, photograph them and put them back where they belong! I got a great workout yesterday, this stuff is heavy!!

You never really know the magnitude of a collection until you put it all in one place, in my case the dining room table, floor and chairs! After taking these photos I decided that from now on, I’m only going to buy the REALLY cool pieces, the rare ones, and the unusual ones. No more buying just because I found a piece, any piece, especially mugs! I never paid more than $15 for a piece, the average price is usually around $6, so it’s not like its an expensive hobby… Collecting really is an addiction. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs so I guess this is my substitution?

It’s just really fun going to the thrift stores, antique malls, yard sales and flea markets looking for something special. Its a nice thing we do on the weekend together as a family. CT collects Pez now, so she gets in on the fun too! She finds at least one for $1 each time. I’ll show her collection soon enough.

I’m working on more collection pieces for the coming weeks, do you guys enjoy seeing them?

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7 thoughts on “Collections: Pyrex

  1. that is such a great collection! i only let myself by red or aqua fridgies, and butter print because i could easily get overwhelmed by all the awesome pyrex I see!

    • I don’t know how I missed this comment! so sorry! Thank you, I really do feel like i may be overwhelmed with what I have, though I do keep finding new places to put it all.

      I bet the red and aqua looks awesome together! I hardly ever find red in my area!!

  2. You are a sweetie, and I read your blog and am so confused as to how I missed THIS post, lol. I need you to come take photos of my collection. Hope to see you soon deary xo xo

      • I haven’t seen you since the July crafternoon, maybe you did and I forgot because I’m old. But I really don’t remember. I would love to have you over, and I am seriously in need of decent photos. All mine are so poorly done , it’s so so sad. Hope to see you soon doll!

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