Crafty Bastards is Tomorrow…


I’ve been super duper busy all week. Tomorrow is Crafty Bastards and I’m ready! (I bet you’re sick of hearing about it! I promise there will only be one more post, a recap post to be exact)

If you are one of the, close to 1700 shoppers, who purchased tickets for tomorrows events, then this post is for you! If you haven’t bought tickets yet, your last chance to get the Buy One Get One Free deal is tonight!

Above is a coupon just for Crafty Bastards shoppers! $5 off any purchase of $25 or more. You can either print out the coupon (by clicking on the image for a better version and then printing) or you can just mention that you saw this post and would like the discount. The later version is great for those who are low on ink, paper or just don’t want to waste either!

I am in booth #84, right in between My Paper Crane and Tina Seamonster. Come on by and say hi! If you’re not in the area, but would love to see updates from the show, please add us on either Twitter or Instagram.

No matter what everyone is doing this weekend, I hope it’s a nice one!


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