DIY-Book-A-Holic: Flight Cap

I went through all my books and magazines and decided to do a useful project.

a Flight Cap by Betz White from Stitch Magazine Spring 2010. One of my favorite magazines!

CT really needed a new hat, sorta. She won’t keep hats on for more than 6 seconds, so I figured that I would make her one. If she wore it then “awesome” and if she didn’t then no loss, I made a lined hat for the first time and had an example to go with my fabric. win win.

I used fabric I already had on hand. The pattern called for sherpa, terry or velour for the interior, I only had fleece. The whole project used less than a fat quarter of each, super awesome.

It only took me about an hour and a half to cut, piece and sew together. That doesn’t mean it was super simple. I had to read the instructions numerous times before starting since there were no step by step photos and I didn’t quite understand how to attach the side flaps.

Apparently I picked up on something because the hat came out perfectly. I was so happy I actually finished a project, and in ONE DAY! (a new record for me)

Now if only I could get CT to wear it.


**Edit: I have emailed Betz White asking about where this pattern can be found. She was very nice and replied back saying that anyone who is interested in the pattern should email her. If enough people are interested she will make the pattern available online!Her email can be found on her website –


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10 thoughts on “DIY-Book-A-Holic: Flight Cap

    • Oops! I forgot to say that I took the finished shot before I attached the button on the top. I apologize for that. It’s just a little black button that the loops hook onto. Sewn right on the very top of the hat. :)

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I’ve been looking for a pattern for this kind of hat!!! It is beautiful! Good job! Is there a pattern somewhere?! Omg I’m in love.

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