House Tour: The Dining Room, Up Close

After writing the last post about my living room, I went right away and took a few shots of my dining room again! This time up close!!

I seriously love my new camera and all I want to do now is take pictures of EVERYTHING!!!

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2 thoughts on “House Tour: The Dining Room, Up Close

  1. Jessee,
    I took the Blogging 101 Alt Class with you today. I’m having fun checking out everyone’s blogs and have to tell you “FANTASTIC Site!” I’m loving it. Great layout, content, pics…..I’m bookmarking and coming back for sure!
    Heather (

    • Heather! Thank you, that was so nice of you to say!! :)
      I haven’t had a free moment since taking the class, but I’m really looking forward to checking out everyone else’s blogs too!! I bet it’ll be neat to check everyone’s blog again in a week or so to see if they made changes from what they learned. :) I had never taken one of the classes before, but i’m totally going to try more.

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