House Tour: the Living Room

livingroom_housetour_12172013_010Today I would like to share with all of you the Living Room photos that weren’t used in the “At Home With…” post! Most are up close shots like last week, but I still love them!!

livingroom_housetour_12172013_002livingroom_housetour_12172013_006livingroom_housetour_12172013_003 livingroom_housetour_12172013_009 livingroom_housetour_12172013_008livingroom_housetour_12172013_005livingroom_housetour_12172013_001 livingroom_housetour_12172013_007The top photo is a full shot of the living room! I feel like it looks less packed when viewed this way. It’s my second favorite room in the house and I spend most mornings here waiting for CT to wake up.

Also please note that since taking these photos the coffee table has been over run by lalaloopsies and I don’t think I’ll be moving them anytime soon.

This room will be changing again very soon anyway. I have already bought all the supplies to make a sofa table for behind the couch in the middle. I’m going to attempt to make one using wood, stain and pipes. Kinda like you see all over pinterest. I’m hoping to start on it this weekend since all the holiday craziness is over. Though I do have CT’s birthday party in 8 days… Ugh. I have too many ideas and goals and not enough time.

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3 thoughts on “House Tour: the Living Room

  1. I LOVE your house. Seriously. I just adore your style. We bought our house a couple years ago, and I still have not ‘decorated’ a dang thing. I need to get on that. I love your light gray walls with white shelves. Where did you get your shelves?

    • Oh thank you so much!!! I can not imagine moving and then decorating with two little ones! One is hard enough as it is for me. It’s been 3.5 years and I’m STILL unpacking stuff that we’ve been storing in our garage. My daughter was 8 months old and my husband was working nights at first, so it was almost impossible to go out there and deal with it. Now I just do one box at a time.

      as for the shelves… If its the ones on either side of the TV, then the brackets are unfinished wood ones from IKEA which I then painted white, or what I call “ikea white”. I took in a shelf from my ikea bookcase underneath to lowes and had them match the color since it has a slight yellow tint to it. The actual shelf part is just wood I had cut to a specific length and I painted with the same paint. I think each one cost me $7 or so total to make. :)

      (you gotta be careful asking me questions, I go all out with the answers! haha)

      • Oh man, I miss living near Ikea. We used to live right down the road from the one in Orlando but now the closest one is 6 hours away in Chicago. But they are building one in CT so when I visit my family I am definitely heading there!

        I so need to hang shelves in our living room. I have a huge Lego collection that is still packed up because I don’t have a place to put them out of the kids reach! I love the look of the gray walls with white trim. I’ve been wanting to go that route for a while but I’ll have to paint all of our trim and that is a huge job so I’ve been putting it off.

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