I Love Society 6!

I was super curious to see what my new repeat patterns would look like on pillows, so I tried them out over on Society6. It’s a neat website that allows artist to upload work and have numerous items made from it. You could have a painting on an iphone case, or a photo on a pillow, and even just a nice plain print made of an illustration! I love it.

I tried out a bunch of my designs on all of their available products, and a few I really liked and wanted to share…

society6_007 copy society6_007society6_001society6_004

You can find all the pieces above, and more, in my Society6 shop! I loved playing around with it all, so I may just keep adding work!

OH and I had a question… Has anyone ever had an iPhone case made by Society6? I’d love to know you like it!

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4 thoughts on “I Love Society 6!

  1. I bought a Society6 iphone case from Lindsay (Em & Sprout) a while back. I love it! It’s been months and I it still looks brand new!

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