I Made Macarons…


I have been dying to try my hand at baking French Macarons! I viewed them as the perfect hostess gift. Something special I could bring to get togethers.

I was about to start my adventure using a book, that I will not name, when I was very kindly sent a recipe instead! The very nice Alison Garnett, who saw my post on Instagram, knew the recipe I was about to try didn’t work too well. The recipe she sent was by the Brave Tart and can be found here!!! It’s very easy to read and awesome!

They didn’t come out 100% perfect, but their close enough that I’ll continue trying. They had the little feet, they didn’t crack, were glossy on top, they were light, airy, and just plain awesome to eat.

I had a slight mishap with the piping bag. I’m not too coordinated, and I lost a huge chunk of the batter. So I didn’t make a full batch of the cookie side. I only had about eight sets that came out, so instead of making an entire batch of buttercream, I just filled them with Biscoff Spread! It ended up tasting great.

Ha, I go all out fancy and just fill them with Biscoff Spread!! Yeah, my husband says it was “very me”.

I can’t wait to try more flavors! Be on the lookout for my experiments.
Oh and if you ever invite me to a get together, I may just bring some of these.

Hmmm. Maybe this will entice more people to send me invites…

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