If I Had Unlimited Funds: April 29th

I’ve had a bit more down time lately, which usually means I’m spending way too much time “window shopping” the internets. Seriously, my Etsy favorites is getting a bit out of control. I just love looking at THINGS.

So If I had unlimited funds to buy all the things I like to look at, I’d buy…

1Love You Night Light by Owly Shaddow Puppets (I have a few of their shadow puppets, and I’m now eyeing up all their nightlights and paper goods. All of it is SO CUTE!)

2Faceted Emerald Ring / 199 Carat Series by Gemagenta (I just think this ring is so pretty! I’m not a diamond girl, but I do love the shape of them) /// 3Silver Constellation Crown by Giant Dwarf (I have been wanting a head piece by Sue since she started making the felt flower ones YEARS ago! I just never felt like I was girly enough to wear one. Like I would feel fake, or silly. Now I know that was super crazy, and I WILL get one of these amazing pieces finally!!!)

4Fox Dress by Gracie Chai (This beyond adorable dress is HANDMADE and HAND PRINTED! Not screen printed. Hand stamped! Each fox head was done separately, layer by layer. It’s amazing! The designer even shares the process on her blog. She’s my new favorite!)

5Shelter Print by Jeremy Miranda (Every single piece of art in this shop is amazing! I’m normally a simple screen printed art type of girl, but I just can’t get over how interesting these prints are!) /// 6Florescent Green Geometric Linen T-Rex Pillow by Panacea By Jade (OK, it’s a geometric dinosaur pillow, why wouldn’t I want one of these?!?)

7The ‘Brandy Snap’ Peter Pan Collar Dress by Isabel Knowles (These handmade dresses are just too cute! Plus they are tailor made to your exact measurements, so it’s a perfect fitting dress)

8Wooden desk lamp in grey and yellow lime by Ellens Alley (this lamp is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I think a set of them would look amazing in our bedroom) /// 9Washi Tape Pillow Cover by Mrs Eliot Books

10Thin Pointed Violet Stackable Ring by Anja Guggenheim (This ring isn’t just sparkly and cute, it’s also a SELF DEFENSE WEAPON! Crazy right? I found this shop late at night while searching for geometric rings. I didn’t realize what the ring was at first, but once I read the description I was in love. This isn’t the only design with a double purpose! ALL of the designs in the shop can be used for self defense. I seriously think every girl I know should own one of these, or at least the Unicorn Horn!)

So, completely off topic… My endoscopy is tomorrow!! Which means after all the gluten is out of my system I will hopefully be back to my normal self. Sewing, sculpting, casting, working out, and baking self. I think I’m too excited for this!! I have stacks of supplies just waiting to be used.

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2 thoughts on “If I Had Unlimited Funds: April 29th

  1. I feel the same way about the Giant Dwarf headbands. I’ve long wanted one too, but I feel like if I were to try and wear one, the record player would screech to a halt when I enter the room, crickets would chirp and someone would just say “ugh, no” at which point I would turn around, walk out of the room and pull the headband off. But they are soooo pretttyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    • Good to know I’m not the only one who feels that exact same way! Though you described it way better than I ever could!

      I feel the same way about dresses with petticoats, pretty heeled shoes and colored eye-shadow.

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