If I Had Unlimited Funds: March 7th

So today’s window shopping theme is all about dresses, tights and boots! My newest obsession (which isn’t THAT new since I also talked about it back in November).

This latest form of obsession started a few weeks back while I was browsing the Internets, when I came across Target’s new designer collaboration with Prabal Gurung, and this dress

I wanted it right away! It was the perfect color, perfect shape and even had a geometric twist to it. So I waited until my husband came home (and for friends to head out, since we had company that day) to take me to Target. I didn’t have high hopes it would fit, no dress every fits me right. My shoulders are petite, my torso is long and my legs are short. Never a good combo when it comes to dresses… or so I thought! I was totally proved wrong when I tried this thing on, it fit perfectly and actually flattered my body, which NEVER happens with cute clothes! I was sold, not just on this dress, but ALL fit and flare style dresses!! ALL OF THEM! (I even picked up this cute black dress that same night and have worn it multiple times)

Now I have this constant need to find dresses comparable, both in style and in cut. I never want to wear jeans again, I ONLY want to wear dresses, cute dresses! Lucky for me, these things are big now and you can pretty much find them anywhere.

So if I had unlimited funds to buy cute dresses I’d buy…

1Difference Between White and Saffron Dress on ModCloth /// 2Our Song Curvy Plus Belted Dress in Navy on Ruche /// 3Women’s Half Zip Fit and Flare Dress by Mossimo at Target (I seem to really love stripes!!)

4Emerald My World Dress on Hello Holiday /// 5Geometric Lace Skater Dress by Express

6Ivete Patchwork Dress by Leifnotes and found at Anthropologie (This dress is so neat! It’s actually patchwork, just like a quilt!!) /// 7Prabal Gurung For Target Dress in Meet the Parents Print found at Target (this is the monotone version of the first dress! I found it in my size at a Target not too far away, so I may go try it on this weekend to see if I like the print on me)

And of course you can’t just go buy dresses and not have anything to go under them! So here’s a few things I wish I could accessorize these, and other dresses, with…

8Arrows Cotton Leggings by Hello Apparel /// 9Stephenie Boot found on ShoeMint

10Motor Boots by Wanted Shoes /// 11Emerald and Black Leggings by ZIB textile (I really love patterned leggings and boots, the combo always makes me smile)

12Muse Flats by Elf (I’d take these in ANY color!! They are made by hand and look soo comfy!)

13Any Low or Mid Height Heel that Swedish Hasbeens makes!! (They are all so gorgeous!)

Since I’m new to this whole “buying cute clothes” thing, I could use any suggestions as to where to find dresses and such!! Thanks in advance!!

Oh and another part of my obsession seems to be the urge to make my own dresses! I’ve already made a muslin of one I really like and I’m just waiting on some custom fabric to come in. Once I finish the first working dress I’ll totally share it on here!!!! I’m excited, I’ve always wanted to make clothes and now I finally feel comfortable enough to do so!!!

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2 thoughts on “If I Had Unlimited Funds: March 7th

  1. I am on a dress kick too. I buy most of my dresses at Target, Gap, or Loft. Mostly that is because I am cheap. I see a ton of J. Crew, Anthro, and Madewell things I want, but too much money. I bought the fourth dress you picture, but it doesn’t look so hot on me.

  2. That is funny! Maybe it has to do with what we see on the internets everyday? We are being brain washed into wearing dresses!

    and when you say the fourth dress, was it the teal striped one, or the green solid one? I just picked up the teal striped one and I like it, but think I may be altering it slightly to make it fit better. Maybe that would help you too?

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