If I Had Unlimited Funds: November 28th

I know it’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., but our plans aren’t really too big this year. We will be doing a full on dinner with the in laws on Sunday. So today we decided to do a dinner theater type thing with friends. Only instead of a play, it will be the new movie Frozen! I’m excited.

But now onto the virtual window shopping. If I had unlimited funds to buy myself anything online right now, I’d buy…

unlimitedfunds_112813_0011Handmade Trestle Table by Seven Hands High (I don’t really have a perfect place for this, I just think its gorgeous!)

unlimitedfunds_112813_0022Smile Banner Brooch by B.Goods /// 3It’s Just a Phase Coaster Set by Common Rebels (I own many sets by these awesome folks, and I truly feel like I need more!)

unlimitedfunds_112813_0034Diamond Himmeli Light Pendant by Panselinos (this lamp is just so amazing, I think it would look great in any room of my house! Well except the morning room, there’s already a geometric pendant in there)

unlimitedfunds_112813_0045 – ANYTHING by Red Raven Studios! (I had the pleasure of meeting these super sweet makers when I did Crafty Bastards this year. Everything is absolutely gorgeous. I want it all!)

unlimitedfunds_112813_0056 – Specs Shelf by Okulo (I NEED one of these, I have accidentally accumulated glasses. For the first time in my life actually. I guess there are just so many cute glasses out there now! RX and sunglasses!!!) /// 7Clueless Watercolour Portrait by Oh Gosh, Cindy! (All of this shoppes portraits are so great! My second favorite was the Zooey Deschanel print “come on bangs, you sons of bitches!” I feel her pain)



8The Forest Edge & The Camp Out both by Cricket Press (I’d actually love to own anything they make! It’s all so spooky AND sweet.)

unlimitedfunds_112813_0079Lost & Found Screenprinted Poster by West Cermak (I love the simplicity with a little texture added in. I think this is a perfect print for gallery walls that are full of busy prints, and need something bold)

unlimitedfunds_112813_00810Hand printed String Cuff Bracelet & 11Hand Printed “Southwest” Pillow both by thief and bandit (This is yet another shop where I just love it ALL!)

I forgot just how much I loved doing these post. Expect more again soon!!



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