May Crafternoon

crafternoon_051913_001 crafternoon_051913_002 crafternoon_051913_003 crafternoon_051913_004 crafternoon_051913_005Look! I actually took nice enough photos at this months crafternoon! I kinda was on the ball and remembered my camera. Woohoo! (This is a big milestone for me, seriously big).

This months crafternoon was embroidery themed. Heidi provided all the materials and patterns and just let us do our thing while chatting away. It was a bit earlier in the day than it usually is, so I was kinda tired (I’m not a morning person) but I was totally fine with that since the earlier time meant people who normally couldn’t come, could.

I was also jolted awake a bit by all the awesome gluten free treats that were offered! Heidi made gluten free coffee cake (I should have asked to take some home!). Tasha made gluten free orange scones (which I DID take home and am still eating here and there) and Molly made sure her egg casserole was GF. How sweet are these girls? My plan was just to eat beforehand and then afterwards, but instead I was able to indulge in things I don’t get to eat often! Thank you girls!!! Oh and the cat donuts Heidi made weren’t gluten free, but I still had the pleasure of staring at their cuteness the entire time.

The embroidery part was really nice and calming. I usually do this type of craft at home, alone, while watching TV. It was neat doing it while talking to others. I might want to do that again. Maybe I can try a Skype type of thing? An internet embroidery/cross stitch party? Hmmm.

I missed last months crafternoon due to my irrational fear of getting sick and possibly having to reschedule my endoscopy again. (I know, super crazy, but I just had to do it) I’m really happy I was able to go to this months. I needed to get out socially and interact with other like minded people. Working from home can really get to a person sometimes. Especially when your only interaction with others is the people you live with and online social networks. I absolutely love being able to interact with everyone online, but it sure is nice to hear a real laugh instead of “haha” and see real facial expressions instead of emoticons. I’m beyond thankful for it all.

Ok, I’m done being sappy now, I think I’m going to go look into this Skype thing…

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4 thoughts on “May Crafternoon

    • Thank you! I use a DSLR, a Canon Rebel T3 to be exact. I love it! The only thing I don’t like is I didn’t get the T3i, which has an infrared sensor so you can use a wireless remote to take photos! Mine requires a corded remote. A wireless remote is great for family photos and outfit posts (which I plan to do for a few of my handmade items soon)

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