Monday is for Sewing

For the first time in forever we didn’t go anywhere this past weekend! Seriously crazy for us. We didn’t want to spend a dime and we all needed a break. I apparently needed one more than I realized, because I spent most of the weekend catching up on sleep. I’ve been so tired lately, but I never really have the time to take a nap. CT doesn’t take naps anymore, and even if she did there’s non stop construction next door, I’d never sleep through it.

So what I’m basically saying is I didn’t do a single neat thing the entire weekend. Nothing! I kinda played catch up yesterday. I had a custom wall hanging that needed to be finished, plus a few unfinished sewing projects that could use my attention. I carried my sewing machine downstairs and set up shop in the dining room, that way I could sew and keep an eye on CT at the same time! Multitasking.

I actually accomplished a lot! I finished the outside of a new tote bag I’ve been thinking about, and I started and almost finished a few zipper pouches. I also organized and started sewing together the pieces to that chevron quilt I started back in January!!! I might actually have it finished by the end of the year. Ha!

It felt nice to be behind my sewing machine again, It really has been a long time. I’m hoping to continue to work on those pouches and the quilt today, we’ll see. How was your weekend?

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