New Fragmented Necklaces!

I decided to update just a few of the new Fragmented Necklaces I made this past weekend. I’m still waiting on some more designs from the printer, but I’ve already received a few inquiries about the new line. So this is kinda a soft launch, like when a store has a soft opening before the grand opening?

I also have never really “launched” a line. I get too excited and want to show everyone RIGHT AWAY!

So here I go, showing everyone…

Up first is the Fragmented Necklace – V1 (Version 1) – $28 for any of the color combos

Next up is the Fragmented Necklace – V2 (Version 2) – $20 for any of the color combos.

These pieces were designed by me and were 3D printed. Their two separate pieces, one a custom bezel on the bottom and the other the crazy thin piece in the middle. I made the piece in the middle a little taller than the bezel to give it a little more depth, so it has a nice sculpted look.

I made a mold of the original printed pieces and cast these new parts in a durable but lightweight plastic. They are attached with an awesome and strong waterproof epoxy and are strung on silver plated chains.

I haven’t cast any blue or green tones yet, but I hope to get to those sometime this month. I also have a few more necklace designs and earrings en route to my house as we speak. As usual, I’ll probably be too excited and I’ll post about it here as soon as they arrive!!

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