BBQ Macarons

bbq_macarons_001 bbq_macarons_002 bbq_macarons_003I haven’t blogged for about two three weeks now, I just wasn’t in a sharing mood. Why not make a blogging comeback with some photos of macarons?!? Ha!

I know I named this post “BBQ Macarons”, and you were probably expecting macarons in the shape of a bbq, or hamburger or something else cool like that. I’m sorry to disappoint! These were just some nice, colorful macarons made for a family bbq last weekend. Well, half of them were for the bbq, the other half went to my sister who just moved in a new super cute apartment!

Now onto the details about these macarons not shaped like hamburgers… The top coral colored ones are cinnamon flavored with plain buttercream filling, and the bottom teal ones are plain almond with coconut buttercream filling. Most people seemed to like the cinnamon ones more, but the kids loved the bright teal and purple ones! Oh, and added bonus, I put too much coloring in them and they ended up staining everyone’s mouths!!! So I was totally able to see who ate what.

I had actually made a third batch too, which was maple with maple and cinnamon buttercream filling, but they didn’t come out that great in a few ways. First they were ugly and not very puffy. Then the morning of the bbq I accidentally squished them all right before I took photos!!!

I’m happy I was asked to make these, it helped boost my confidence a bit, which I greatly needed right now. I don’t really have any huge get togethers coming up soon, but maybe I should just make some more just for fun? They are gluten free, and I hardly ever get to eat sweets…

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Birthday Macarons

CT really loves when I make macarons. She always steals a few off the counter before and after I fill them. So of course I would make some for her birthday party!

I tried something a little new with both of the batches.

On the bottom of the tray are strawberry macarons with strawberry preserve buttercream filling. These were a bit off in color and size since I used ground up freeze dried strawberries in the batter and I didn’t tint them like usual. Oh and the buttercream was just normal ole buttercream with two tablespoons of strawberry preserves blended in. Super easy! So even though they weren’t super pretty, they tasted great!!

The macarons on the top, and in all the close up photos, were peppermint flavored with peppermint buttercream filling. I tried my hand as swirly color, which came out nice on about half of them. I also made them slightly larger than I usually do, which I think made them even better!!

I also made a half batch of peanut butter macarons, but those didn’t make it to the party. They were just too good.

I feel a lot more confident every time I bake these awesome treats, so expect more posts about them. I have loads of flavor combos I still want to try. Any combos YOU think I should try?

(oh and all the photos above were taken by my sister Ashley, not me!)

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Jack-O’-Lantern Macarons

For this past weekends crafternoon, I thought it would be neat to make some halloween themed goodies. I was originally going to try a chocolate pumpkin pie recipe I saw online, but I didn’t have much time since our plane got in late on Friday and the party was Saturday. I can almost make macarons in my sleep, so I went ahead and made them instead.

I had the idea while we were away to add little faces to some of the macarons. I had always seen those Wilton Foodwriter markers while craft supply shopping, so I thought those might work. I made sure we stopped by AC Moore after we left the airport Friday, totally cutting it close! Ha!

They totally worked! I had to be very gentle, otherwise I’d have cracked the shell of the cookies. They don’t smudge, or run. It was actually a lot of fun making sure all the faces were different. Some were sad, some were happy, and one was crazy! I really love how they came out. I made a bunch for the party, a few for my neighbors (they were awesome and picked up all my UPS packages while we were gone) and a few for my family.

The orange ones are pumpkin spice flavored with chocolate buttercream as the filing, and the black ones are chocolate flavored with vanilla buttercream as the filling. All the colors came out exactly as I pictured, and so did the little faces. I really need to find other uses for these pens, their awesome!


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